Helicopter Money – When Crazy becomes Normal (Part 2)

The author tries to chart out the essential points of difference between QE and Helicopter Money with special focus on their structure and effects.

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Modi Sarkar, How ‘Swachh’ Is Our Bharat?

The authors analyze the various developments that have taken place in the sphere of environmental regulations, since the BJP Government came to power.


Toppling the Tribunal?

The article explains how the government's proposed amendment may decrease the influence of the NGT, and lead to a 'pollute-and-pay' approach instead of preventing pollution in the future.


Helicopter Money – When Crazy Becomes Normal (Part 1)

In the first part of the three part series, the author highlights the emergence and subsequent normalisation of a 'crazy' policy known as the Helicopter Money and further elaborates its...


Too Many Summits, Too Little Action

The author talks about the various summits and international conferences that take place world over, and the little or no action that ensues.


UP Government and Facebook Collaborate for “Boost Your Business” Programme

Read about the "Boost Your Business" initiative undertaken by the UP Government in collaboration with Facebook to encourage the growth of MSME enterprises.

/ May 26, 2016

Access to Knowledge: A Tapering Pathway

The author talks about the apparent gap in access to knowledge, which is only being heightened by the proliferation of digital technology and the Internet.


Keeping Justice Above the Red Tape

The author talks about the prolonged debate around the need to establish a National Court of Appeal, and draws out the merits of the same.


Leopards of Jawai: A Failing Success Story?

The authors discuss the tourism scenario of 'Jawai Bandh' - an ecosystem inhabited by leopards - and how it is threatened by the opportunism of outsiders.


Non-Aligned to Multi-Aligned to Military-Aligned?

The author talks about the geopolitical stances adopted by India, right from the Non-Aligned Movement to the various military deals signed with the US and underlines the importance of India...


5 Myths about Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, avoid being deluded and choose the plan you actually need. In this article, we bust five popular life insurance myths.

/ May 23, 2016

A Tale of Banking Decisions Gone Awry

This article explains the author's take on the economic bubble that is created in India due to the huge amount of bad loans or investments by public sector banks.


Sairat: The Socially Conscious Romantic Drama

This article is about a Marathi feature film Sairat, a story of an innocent, young love story at first but turns out to be a slap in the face of...


What Came First: The Temple or the Katte?

The author describes her visit to Sampangi Ram Nagar; at the heart of what is predominantly an ethnic Kannadiga community.

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Flexible SME Loans Set to Boost Growth

This article explains the significance of SMEs in India, and the need to finance them to achieve a high growth rate.

/ May 21, 2016

Term insurance vs Life insurance: Which one’s for you?

The author explains the pros and cons of term plan insurance and life insurance to help readers choose the one best suited to their needs.

/ May 21, 2016

Buying Online Term Plans: Their Benefits & Filing Claim

This article analyzes the advantages of buying term plans online and gives the detailed procedure of filing an insurance claim.

/ May 21, 2016

When Should You Consider Taking a Personal Loan?

Read on to know why a personal loan is better than credit card dues and the different scenarios in which it can come to your aid.

/ May 21, 2016
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My bank is in my pocket. The Bahamas, maybe?

With the launch of their virtual digital wallet "DigiBank", DBS is providing their customers with a paperless banking experience.

/ May 19, 2016

U.P. Police Mahila Samman Prakoshth: “WE” for Women Empowerment

The UP Police Mahila Samman Prakoshth had been created in 2014 with the aim of bridging the distance between the Uttar Pradesh Police force and the civil society. And according...

/ May 19, 2016
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Have you hedged your life?

Max Life Insurance - Securing people's lives through their comprehensive and customized insurance plans.

/ May 19, 2016

Et tu, Raghuram?

As the government supports the need of bigger banks in order to secure a stronger cash flow for the public sector, the author analyses its probable effects.

/ May 19, 2016

India’s Tryst With Clean Energy

The author discusses multiple possibilities for the expansion of clean energy resources in India, and the benefits that will accrue post their installation.

/ May 19, 2016

Mumbai, Epicenter of the Entertainment Industry – Set to Be Dethroned? – Part 2

The author discusses the prospects of the Media and Entertainment Industry in Bihar, and its potential to replace the Mumbai industry.

/ May 18, 2016

Mumbai, Epicentre of the Entertainment Industry – Set to Be Dethroned? Part 1

The author discusses the reasons why Mumbai is no longer India's Entertainment hub, and mentions new-and-upcoming alternatives to take its place as one.

Cooling towers emit vapor into the night sky at a nuclear power plant operated by EON SE in Grohnde, Germany, on Wednesday, Aug. 07, 2013. Germany's air pollution is set to worsen for a second year, the first back-to-back increase since at least the 1980s, after Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to shut nuclear plants led utilities to burn more coal. Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Can Nuclear Energy Redeem Itself in Australia?

The article explains Australia's struggle in push for investment in nuclear energy and also outlines the possibilities, concerns and various benefits.


East and West Berlin: A Study in Free vs. Controlled Economy

In this article, Prof. B R Shenoy contrasts the results produced in the two halves of Berlin, one under communism and the other capitalism, to show planning is not required...

/ May 13, 2016

Towards a New Arab Spring?

A fresh take on the Arab Spring — analyzing the social, economical and educational development in the Middle-Eastern countries and its future scope.

Weibliche Hände schützen ein kleines Einfamilienhaus

Invest in a Better Lifestyle

This article talks emphasizes the importance of investing in a home, and creates awareness about home loans.

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Uttar Pradesh: The Holy Trinity of Indian Culture

Flicking through the newspaper one morning, I came across a news piece stating that Uttar Pradesh has been selected as the ‘best Indian destination for culture’ by Lonely Planet –...

/ May 11, 2016

Le 1s Eco: The all aluminium warrior

LeEco launched the new Le 1s Eco smartphone on 3rd May, 2016 along with its entertainment services in India. The company is looking at a smartphone tailor made for the...

/ May 11, 2016

DSIM: A One-stop Destination to learn Digital Marketing

A first-hand review from a student of DSIM, exploring their digital marketing training program in particular and its unique features.

/ May 10, 2016

Free Market Fairness – Finally, a Middle Ground?

This article takes a fundamentally deliberative approach to questions of social life and reckons that economic liberty is not found in the ideas of self-ownership but in democratic legitimacy.

/ May 6, 2016

The Debate Over Family Structure

The author analyzes recent studies underlining the importance of a conservative family structure and attempts to provide a rational perspective over it.

/ May 6, 2016
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Perfume Park and Museum to make Kannauj an international Perfume Hub

  Kannauj, once the capital of King Harshavardhana, has long been known as India’s perfume city. It was under Mughal Emperor Jehangir’s patronage that the ‘ittar’ industry grew many folds...

/ May 6, 2016

Is it Time to Start Licensing Parents?

The article discusses the benefits of licensing parents to raise a child and further questions the relevance of licenses in practices like medicine or law.

/ May 5, 2016

Moving One Step Ahead of the 90’s Job Options

This article explores the impact of trade liberalisation on employment share of high-skill occupations coupled with upward occupational mobility in Urban India.

/ May 5, 2016

The Aspiring Cook’s Hunt for a Toast Maker

The article describes the author's quest to purchase a toast maker.


India’s Inconvenient Truth

The author talks about India's reservation system, the problems inherent in it, and gives ideas on how to reform India's education sector.


From Crony Socialism to Crony Capitalism

The author talks about 'crony' socialism that has materialised itself into a form of crony capitalism, that is enabling the powerful to evade, even the law.

Pack with white drug and knife on dark background

Pakistan’s Crippling of Punjab – Drug Trafficking in India Decoded

The author has discussed the role of Pakistan in turning India into a global heroin trafficker.


Saving Delhi’s Lungs

This article talks about the alarming levels of pollution in Delhi and important steps that need to be taken by the authorities to combat it.


Fuelling Growth by Renewable Energy

The article talks about India's investment in the energy sector and the manner in which it contributes to the overall development of the country.


Foreign friend: My life with the geniuses who made modern China

A book review of Peter Glassman's "Foreign Friend: My Life With The Geniuses Who Made Modern China, 1982-1989".

Christchurch Reborn

The author talks about the scenic beauty of the earthquake-ravaged city of Christchurch, and the efforts the city has taken to get back on its feet.

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A Review – Trader’s Lounge by Edelweiss

The article reviews a new product by Edelweiss. The Trader's Lounge is a software that brings a terminal like experience to individual investors.


Uttar Pradesh Police Gets Hi-Tech – Launches New E- Challan System

The article analyses the hi-tech E-Challan system launched by the UP Government.

/ April 26, 2016
ki and ka

The Superficial Gender Role Reversal in Ki and Ka

The article is the author's take on the film, Ki and Ka, which attempted to reverse gender roles, but instead reeks of sexist undertones.

Mobile payment smart phone money

Mobile Wallets – Ideas beyond Cash & Payments

The author talks about the current benefits offered by, and the future scope of, mobile wallets.

Arguing with a Socialist

The author throws light on the ideals of socialism, and dissects their relevance in today's world, using different comparisons.

/ April 22, 2016