Moving One Step Ahead of the 90’s Job Options

This article explores the impact of trade liberalisation on employment share of high-skill occupations coupled with upward occupational mobility in Urban India.

/ May 5, 2016

The Aspiring Cook’s Hunt for a Toast Maker

The article describes the author's quest to purchase a toast maker.


India’s Inconvenient Truth

The author talks about India's reservation system, the problems inherent in it, and gives ideas on how to reform India's education sector.


From Crony Socialism to Crony Capitalism

The author talks about 'crony' socialism that has materialised itself into a form of crony capitalism, that is enabling the powerful to evade, even the law.

Pack with white drug and knife on dark background

Pakistan’s Crippling of Punjab : Drug Trafficking in India Decoded

The author has discussed the role of Pakistan in turning India into a global heroin trafficker.


Saving Delhi’s Lungs

The article talks about the alarming levels of air pollution in Delhi and the various factors that contribute to the harmful environment.


Fuelling Growth by Renewable Energy

The article talks about India's investment in the energy sector and the manner in which it contributes to the overall development of the country.