Delhi's polluted air

Delhi is choked. Where did the clean air go?

Delhi's depleting air quality is a cause of serious concern, but India seems to lack the commitment needed to tackle the issue. What reforms might help us?

/ December 9, 2016

Does your name influence your career choice?

This article peeks into the interesting 'name game', linking the characteristics of different people with their names.

/ December 9, 2016

Can the Paris Agreement guarantee a solution to climate change?

Can the Paris Agreement reach its target of large and sustained emission reductions?

/ December 9, 2016

Will gold be priceless by 2020?

Will currencies, metals, stock market and new policies change more than we ever thought?

/ December 9, 2016

The Mediterranean diet is world famous. Here’s how Spain failed to market it right

While linking the food and culture of a place, the article dwells into a deep discussion about the Mediterranean diet.

/ December 9, 2016

What 2016 taught us: Expect the unexpected

From 2008-2015, global GDP grew at 2.2%, and exports as a share of GDP grew by -0.2%. Surely, globalisation ain't what it used to be.

/ December 9, 2016

Want to be the parent of the year? Stop telling your child ‘well done’

Parents should instill growth mindset instead of fixed mindset in their children during their formative years and should encourage them to love challenges.

/ December 9, 2016
Financial Literacy

Can banks help in making children financially aware?

There have been various initiatives by Australian banks to promote financial literacy amongst children. But are banks the ideal institutions for this job?

/ December 8, 2016

Forget smartphones, here is how IoT can make your home smarter

The internet of things is the latest technological advancement made in enhancing human comfort and convenience and increasing the standard of living.

/ December 8, 2016

Is public vote viable to decide South Australia’s nuclear stance?

South Australian President wants to conduct a non-binding nuclear plebiscite. Is it feasible in this situation?

/ December 8, 2016

What liberated the working class black woman back in the 70’s?

The Black Women's United front offered a lasting ideological theory long ago. When every organization works in unison, the opportunity to abolish every possibility of exploitation is birthed.

/ December 7, 2016

A ray of hope for Yemen?

Former Vice President of Yemen has hinted that Yemen might finally be able to end the war. However, there are few factors which have might deter it from happening.

/ December 7, 2016

2016 has been the year of referendums. The latest strike has been on Italy

Italy's vote on the proposed constitutional changes is yet another historical reform of this year. This referendum might prove to be the biggest political event of the year.

/ December 7, 2016

Mother’s voice: A child’s special power

Right from development of auditory pathways in the womb to regulating emotions of a grown up, what special powers a mother’s voice beholds for her child?

/ December 7, 2016

Who can elect a strong government – the ignorant majority or the competent minority?

Do we really need to challenge universal suffrage and create reservations on the basis of the understanding and awareness level of voters?

/ December 6, 2016

Elon Musk: A one-way ticket to Mars, anyone?

'Mission to Mars' doesn't come without a fair warning label, but is it enough to dampen the zeal of Elon Musk to send humans to Mars?

/ December 6, 2016
free trade

Trump roots for fair trade, not free trade

Be it NAFTA in America, the TTIP with Europe or the TPP in Asia - Beijing's efforts towards APEC is a win-win for Asia.

/ December 6, 2016

Can Italy Survive the Fall?

Will Italy's economy end up in a similar situation to that of Greece?

/ December 6, 2016

Wars are won using chemical courage. Both terrorists and soldiers can testify

The vision of terrorists fuelled by intoxicants might create astonishment. But apparently drugs and warfare have always gone hand in hand. Find out how

/ December 6, 2016
The world’s oceans, coastal seas, estuaries, and many rivers and lakes are experiencing declines in dissolved oxygen.

Our oceans are getting breathless, deoxygenation is what we need

The oceans have experienced great oxygen declines in the past, human actions, higher water temperatures and continued inputs from urban areas, are in large part responsible for the present changes.

/ December 5, 2016
global risks

Rising Dollar, Rising Global Risks

The rapid rise in Dollar has triggered angst in emerging markets. While it may be good for the US, it might not be that good for the world economy.

/ December 5, 2016

The Great Barrier Reef has suffered through the worst bleaching event in its history

Western Australia's coral reefs are experiencing an alarming rate of bleaching. 2016 has been the year of worst bleaching event in the history.

/ December 5, 2016
Students on graduation

Student visas – Another brick in the wall?

With populist nationalism exploding in the western world, is it time for Indian students to head back home?

/ December 5, 2016

How America lost the race of Free Trade policy to China

Try, persist, persevere - Beijing's logic behind its push for an Asia Pacific free trade area.

/ December 4, 2016
fear of mortality

When people get ‘scared to death’, sometimes it pushes them a bit too far

The thoughts of mortality makes humans intolerant and hostile. What is the reason behind this and how this might be used for our exploitation?

/ December 4, 2016

The heartbreaking social experiment of Anano: Why do people refuse to respond to her?

The story of Anano warns us against the fact that more than 165 million children worldwide will live in extreme poverty if we don't respond to their needs.

/ December 4, 2016

2016 is set to be the world’s hottest year. It’s all uphill from here

The announcement of 2016 as the warmest year ever recorded implies that there might be more years like this to come. Is this a new global trend with no end...

/ December 3, 2016

Blockchain Technology: Can it unlock our banking crisis?

In the post 2008 crisis-era, the blockchain technology is aiding the banks in the quest to reduce dependency on paper cash and digitise the financial world.

/ December 3, 2016

Welcome to Amma Unavagam: India’s first socio-economic food policy

Subsidised food through Amma Unavagam: This is how Tamil Nadu got it right.

/ December 3, 2016

Antibiotics for your health? Surprisingly, most bacteria have become immune to it

Overdose of antibiotics makes quick remedy a distant dream. Here's how the bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and nullify their effect.

/ December 3, 2016