Month: April 2016

Foreign friend: My life with the geniuses who made modern China

A book review of Peter Glassman's "Foreign Friend: My Life With The Geniuses Who Made Modern China, 1982-1989".

Christchurch Reborn

The author talks about the scenic beauty of the earthquake-ravaged city of Christchurch, and the efforts the city has taken to get back on its feet.

A Review – Trader’s Lounge by Edelweiss

The article reviews a new product by Edelweiss. The Trader's Lounge is a software that brings a terminal like experience to individual investors.

UP Police Launches New E-Challan System

The article analyses the hi-tech E-Challan system launched by the UP Government.

/ April 26, 2016
ki and ka

The Superficial Gender Role Reversal in Ki and Ka

The article is the author's take on the film, Ki and Ka, which attempted to reverse gender roles, but instead reeks of sexist undertones.

Mobile Wallets – Ideas beyond Cash & Payments

The author talks about the current benefits offered by, and the future scope of, mobile wallets.

Arguing with a Socialist

The author throws light on the ideals of socialism, and dissects their relevance in today's world, using different comparisons.

/ April 22, 2016

Declining Expectations

The author discusses the declining projections of the global economic growth rate and the possible implications that this may have on various economies.

UP CM Akhilesh Yadav

Akhilesh Yadav, a Chief Minister like none other, launches “Tipu ka Afsana”

Akhilesh Yadav releases a compilation of cartoons on himself, proving his ability to laugh at himself, unlike other politicians.

108 Samajwadi Swasthya Seva – Success Stories from the Largest Ambulance Network in India

The article analyses the 108 Ambulance helpline and its corresponding success stories.

/ April 21, 2016

EU-Topia Part II: How Europe was betrayed

Jerry Bowyer elucidates the failure of a common currency in uniting the varied national sovereignties comprising the European Union.

/ April 20, 2016

Silence Please, the ‘Intellectuals’ are Listening

This article is the author's take on Freedom of Expression and the various constitutional mandates that deny this freedom.

Controlling Road Accidents through IoT

The author explores the practical applications of Internet of Things and its role in preventing road accidents.

/ April 18, 2016

Inclusive Economic Development: Uttar Pradesh becomes India’s first state to get Mini-Grid Policy

The article explores UP's electric policy and its impact on remote villages.

/ April 13, 2016

The Three Pillars of Connected Insurance

The author explores the relationship between the Internet of Things & Insurance.

/ April 12, 2016

Indian Cities: A Tale of More Than Two Cities?

The article talks about cities as core drivers of economies and prosperity, and further categorises cities in India and maps their growth trajectory.

UP awarded best state for skill development

The article analyses the steps undertaken by the UP Government to develop career skills among the youth.

/ April 7, 2016

The Price of Self Respect

When do you decide to adopt the begging bowl?

Economic crises

“Because Something Is Happening… You Don’t Know What It Is, Do You, Mr. Jones”

The author throws light on several economic crises around the globe, analysing and discussing the economics and theories behind them.

/ April 1, 2016

Arch Rivals vs. Arch Rivals:The Shuttle Diplomacy of India-Pak and Saudi-Iran

The author deep dives into the relationship between 4 nations - India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia & Iran

Lego and the Building Blocks of Patriarchy

The author describes the relationship between feminist activism, Lego and patriarchy.

Reclaiming land from sand: Israel’s response to land degradation

The author describes how Israel has combated land degradation and emerged successful.

/ April 1, 2016

The Constitution and ‘The Right to Sin’

The article discerns the constitution of India and elucidates how the right to sin is intrinsic to upholding a liberal democratic fabric in India.


Income Inequality is Not Evil

The article talks about income inequality in India and the reasons for its existence. It makes references to the book "On Inequality", by Harry Frankfurt.

Crisis faced by SMEs in the Italian Industrial Landscape

The article describes the systemic problems faced by SMEs in Italy.

/ April 1, 2016
Immigration restrictions

Happy Open Borders Day: How to Argue for Immigration Restrictions

The post talks about immigration restrictions, the reasons policy makers give for placing these, and their economic repercussions.

Progress or Poverty: The Economics of Land and Discovery

The article talks about issues such as the equitable distribution of land, land pricing and taxation, land development and innovation.

/ April 1, 2016

Moral Institutions and Regulation of Surrogacy

The article talks about surrogacy, the functioning of surrogacy markets, and the moral reservations people have about monetary exchanges in surrogacy.

Political Ideologies – India Needs To Discover Ayn Rand

The author sheds light on the current political scenario of our country, using Ayn Rand's philosophies to explain the different political ideologies.

The Importance of Being Raghuram Rajan

A brilliant take on inflation, interest rates, turbulent financial markets and the important role of Raghuram Rajan, RBI Governor.

/ April 1, 2016