Month: May 2016

The Indian Banking System: A Ticking Time Bomb

The author analyses the NPA crisis in Indian Public Sector Banks and suggests four initiatives to rectify this problem.

/ May 31, 2016

This Time, It’s Either the Economic Survey or Dr. Rajan

The author talks about the need to recapitalise Public Sector Banks and provides two contrasting stands on the method of achieving this.

/ May 31, 2016

Mobile Banking Apps: Moving the Bank to the Mobile Phone

This article discusses about the use of mobile banking applications that has revolutionised the whole banking industry.

/ May 31, 2016

How to Create a Diverse Team and Make it Thrive

The writer tells us what goes into the making of a great team, with emphasis on diversity among its members, which juxtaposes heterogeneous thought-processes.

‘Brexit’ – To Leave or Not to Leave

The author analyses the political ramifications of UK's withdrawal from the European Union, in context of the soon approaching referendum.

Busting Some Travel Insurance Myths

The article cautions the readers about the various myths of travel health insurance plans.

/ May 31, 2016
Analyzing Art in an Exhibition

Art, With an Analysis

The author attempts to give an insight into the world of art and the various elements that work cohesively to create a painting.

Helicopter Money – When Crazy becomes Normal (Part 3)

With special reference to the problems associated with the alternatives to 'crazy' policy, the author explains how Helicopter Money policy has been inevitably accepted as the new normal and defines...

Is Minimum Wage Law the Best Resort?

Minimum Wage as a practice sets some strict but incongruous protocols which might work against the society's advantage. The author argues how this law is a hindrance to growth in...

/ May 30, 2016

Einstein was also an Artist

The author talks about the importance of art in the cognitive development of students, and the ways to develop an artistic temperament in them.

Here’s How Surge Pricing Could Work More Fairly For Consumers

The article discusses the reasons for implementation of surge-pricing by taxi-aggregators during peak hours while making recommendation to quell its criticism.

Aligarh, the Film: On Privacy, Homosexuality and Isolation

The movie Aligarh, a story of a Marathi professor who was ostracised by society on account of his sexual inclinations, is heartbreaking, and one that has horrendous undertones.

Helicopter Money – When Crazy becomes Normal (Part 2)

The author tries to chart out the essential points of difference between QE and Helicopter Money with special focus on their structure and effects.

Cleanliness in India

Modi Sarkar, How ‘Swachh’ Is Our Bharat?

The authors analyze the various developments that have taken place in the sphere of environmental regulations, since the BJP Government came to power.

Toppling the Tribunal?

The article explains how the government's proposed amendment may decrease the influence of the NGT, and lead to a 'pollute-and-pay' approach instead of preventing pollution in the future.

Helicopter Money – When Crazy Becomes Normal (Part 1)

In the first part of the three part series, the author highlights the emergence and subsequent normalisation of a 'crazy' policy known as the Helicopter Money and further elaborates its...

Too Many Summits, Too Little Action

The author talks about the various summits and international conferences that take place world over, and the little or no action that ensues.

Facebook Collaboration programmes in UP

UP Government and Facebook Collaborate for “Boost Your Business” Programme

Read about the "Boost Your Business" initiative undertaken by the UP Government in collaboration with Facebook to encourage the growth of MSME enterprises.

/ May 26, 2016

Access to Knowledge: A Tapering Pathway

The author talks about the apparent gap in access to knowledge, which is only being heightened by the proliferation of digital technology and the Internet.

Keeping Justice Above the Red Tape

The author talks about the prolonged debate around the need to establish a National Court of Appeal, and draws out the merits of the same.

Leopards of Jawai

Leopards of Jawai: A Failing Success Story?

The authors discuss the tourism scenario of 'Jawai Bandh' - an ecosystem inhabited by leopards - and how it is threatened by the opportunism of outsiders.

Non-Aligned to Multi-Aligned to Military-Aligned?

The author talks about the geopolitical stances adopted by India, right from the Non-Aligned Movement to the various military deals signed with the US and underlines the importance of India...

Life Insurance

5 Myths About Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, avoid being deluded and choose the plan you actually need. In this article, we bust five popular life insurance myths.

/ May 23, 2016

A Tale of Banking Decisions Gone Awry

This article explains the author's take on the economic bubble that is created in India due to the huge amount of bad loans or investments by public sector banks.

Sairat: The Socially Conscious Romantic Drama

This article is about a Marathi feature film Sairat, a story of an innocent, young love story at first but turns out to be a slap in the face of...

What Came First: The Temple or the Katte?

The author describes her visit to Sampangi Ram Nagar; at the heart of what is predominantly an ethnic Kannadiga community.

Flexible SME Loans Set to Boost Growth

This article explains the significance of SMEs in India, and the need to finance them to achieve a high growth rate.

/ May 21, 2016

Term insurance vs Life insurance: Which one’s for you?

The author explains the pros and cons of term plan insurance and life insurance to help readers choose the one best suited to their needs.

/ May 21, 2016

Buying Online Term Plans: Their Benefits & Filing Claim

This article analyzes the advantages of buying term plans online and gives the detailed procedure of filing an insurance claim.

/ May 21, 2016

When Should You Consider Taking a Personal Loan?

Read on to know why a personal loan is better than credit card dues and the different scenarios in which it can come to your aid.

/ May 21, 2016