Month: August 2016

term insurance

Are You Financially Stable? You Must Still Buy a Child Plan

Insuring your child against future financial instability is your duty as a parent, regardless of your current financial status.

/ August 31, 2016

LEMOA: A Nonstrategic Strategy

The article discusses the political implications of signing the LEMOA and how it may affect Indian relations with other foreign allies.

/ August 31, 2016
Education sector is the second largest industry in India with a size of nearly $110 billion in 2015.

Education and Business: Two Sides of A Coin

India, being the world's largest student population hub can highly benefit from private players getting into the education industry which would stimulate employment and foster economic development of India.

/ August 31, 2016

Little Girls & Little Guys by Alcott Timeline of Events

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Predicting an Unpredictable Political Future

Referring to the case of Brexit, the article portrays the creation of political chaos through tiny acts of participation on social media.

/ August 30, 2016

Labour-rich, yet Economically Poor?

Whilst possessing a large labour force, India still has many hurdles to face before identifying as a global manufacturing hub.

/ August 30, 2016
Questions on Dr. Gopinath's Appointment

Closing Doors to a Harvard Professor?

In Kerala, politicians play the ostrich and evade the evolution monster which demands innovation, creativity and modernisation. The question is for how long can this persist?

/ August 30, 2016

Unity in Uniformity?

With the growing discourse around 'uniformity' being a natural solution to everything, this article seeks to provide a counter-narrative.

/ August 29, 2016
The Democracy Dilemma

The Democracy Dilemma

Is it plausible to revamp existing political systems and social institutions? The writer provides the Conservative argument for the debate on 'Democracy or Epistocracy'.

/ August 29, 2016
Circular Economy

Building Blocks of Circular Economy

The CEPS framework presents various interconnections of the eight Circular Economy building blocks with different types of stakeholders.

/ August 28, 2016

Reviving Counter-Insurgency, Fighting Militancy

In light of the uncontrolled insurgency in Kashmir, the author opines that the time is nigh for the rise of a counter-insurgency group like Kuka Parrey.

/ August 27, 2016
Balochistan: A Wound Uncovered

Balochistan: A Wound Uncovered

Prime Minister Modi's recent remarks have once again turned the spotlight on Balochistan. The writer explains this decades-long freedom struggle of Pakistan's forgotten region.

/ August 27, 2016
The stress and hectic lifestyle has increased the level of illnesses among young adults.

Cancer Insurance vs. Critical Illness Insurance

Buying insurance against cancer or any other critical illness for that matter, goes a long way for alleviating your financial distress in the future.

/ August 27, 2016

Deconstructing the Rio Fiasco

In light of the Rio Olympics, the author emphasises on the possible reasons for the substandard performance of hockey team players in India.

/ August 26, 2016

Indian Diaspora: How High Is the Ceiling?

The article aims at highlighting the need for raising awareness and creating opportunities for the advancement of diasporic communities and host countries.

/ August 26, 2016

Wikipedia: A Quest for Inner (and World) Peace

The article discusses Wikipedia as a common knowledge base and its effects on the global cyber citizens.

/ August 25, 2016

India: A Potemkin Village?

The author compares the actual and claimed rate of success by the Modi government, directly referencing to the speech given on the 70th Independence day of India.

/ August 25, 2016
Time for Justice

Clogs and Clots of the Indian Judiciary

With the ever-increasing pending cases in the Indian courts, the author highlights the problems faced by the Indian Judiciary System.

/ August 25, 2016
Buffett's Investment Strategy

Be Like Buffett

All is not what it seems in the world of investments and number crunching. There maybe certain underlying tones to Buffett's continued success, as is explained by the author.

/ August 24, 2016

Conundrum of Welfare State

The economic crisis of Greece: From being a welfare state to an unfair state.

/ August 23, 2016

Bangladesh: Emerging Regional Economic Corridor

The author discusses the multiple ways in which Bangladesh can capture the opportunity of emerging as a regional economic corridor.

/ August 23, 2016
Google: A Digital vigilant

Google Cannot Have All the Answers

The writer elucidates on why all those who detest vigilantism must look down upon Google banning advertisements of payday loans.

/ August 22, 2016

Revisiting the 1965 War Between India and Pakistan

This article aims to highlight the people involved, events and other distinctive attributes of the 1965 war between India and Pakistan.

/ August 21, 2016

With Illiquidity, the Glass Always Remains Half Full

Highlighting an optimistic view on illiquidity, the author throws light on how potential illiquidity is not all bad news for investors.

/ August 21, 2016
Deliberation should change the mind from an epistemological standpoint but not make a person less confident.

Deliberation: The Double Edged Sword

Stating that discussions fail to enlighten people and result in making people worse off, the author questions the need for deliberations.

/ August 20, 2016

Inflation, Deflation and Investing

The author provides us with an illustration on the concept of inflation and the relation between the former and stocks.

/ August 20, 2016
Pakistan Economic Literacy

The Importance of Economic Literacy

Economic literacy and education can subject the ruling system in Pakistan to the jury of transparency, responsibility, and accountability thus ensuring credibility of the nation state.

/ August 19, 2016
Impact of GST on government budget

The GST Conundrum

Unlike the general frenzied coverage of GST's impact on Indian consumers, this article explores its effect on the government budget.

/ August 19, 2016
violence in men

What Is It With Men?

Men are trending in the news for the wrong reasons. This article reveals the underbelly of crime and questions whether it has anything to do with gender.

/ August 19, 2016

Parental Controls For iOS: Contrler le temps dutilisation

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