Month: October 2016

Banks deluding investors to insanity

Are central banks deluding investors to insanity?

Popular delusions driving investors to insanity has often lead to financial instabilities. Are the Governments and Central Banks taking us there again?

/ October 31, 2016

“I woke up with a lac deducted from my bank account”

How RBI affirmed a consumer's faith in the Indian Banking System.

/ October 31, 2016
A scene from "The Birth of a Nation"

Not Another Slavery Film

Dramatisation of social films on themes like slavery have been neglected due to various aspects but this new film seems to be a trend reversal.

/ October 31, 2016
Those who suggested departing from the union were threatened that they’d be shut out of EU trade and destroyed economically.

Is the European Union going the Titanic way?

The EU was an “Uber-Government of the political leaders, for the political leaders, by the political leaders", instead of “Government of the people, by the people, for the people".

/ October 30, 2016

The consumers of China hold the key to future economic growth

China's investment based boom has been a key engine of global growth. But now, Chinese consumers will transform the way the world spends.

/ October 30, 2016
vintage car

The great American financial crisis: Season II

Is America heading into another sub-prime driven financial crash?

/ October 30, 2016

How the English learnt to say “squee”

History is testimony that even for the English language, change has been the only constant.

/ October 30, 2016
Selfie or self-portrait?

What selfies say about you that portraits can’t

Are selfies simply 21st-century self-portraits, or are they fundamentally different?

/ October 29, 2016
Capitalism and its effects

The ‘BIG’ leap away from capitalism

Can Basic Income Grant (BIG) cure the ills of capitalism by providing people with purchasing power?

/ October 29, 2016
Quantitave easing 101

What does Peter Pan have in common with Quantitative Easing?

Koruda has an interesting take on the theory of quantitative easing, where he likens it to a confidence trick. However, does it pay to have overconfidence?

/ October 28, 2016
Oil trade between China and Russia

The energy rapport between China and Russia

Will the Bear and the Dragon script a turnaround for themselves?

/ October 28, 2016
What is in a face? - physiognomy

When your face tells your story

The assessment of a person's character or personality from his or her outer appearance - sounds credible?

/ October 27, 2016
Vaccines and guns save lives

Vaccines and guns save lives

Vaccines and guns are both individual assets having public effects. Should this be the basis for exercising legal control on them?

/ October 27, 2016
Black and white is more than what meets the eye

You’ll never look at black and white the same way again

Black and white are perceived differently by the brain. We interpret differences in shades of white as information about illumination, while differences in shades of black reveal something about materials.

/ October 26, 2016

The art of storytelling through lighting, movements and illusions

From candle and oil wick to modern age dimmers and spotters, tracing the nuances of lighting, underscoring the uninhibited possibilities of Kathak.

/ October 26, 2016

What six Muslim students learned in Jane Austen’s England

Dwelling into a discussion of Austen's famous book "Emma", the article draws comparisons to another piece of literature; a diary of Mirza Salih Shirazi.

/ October 26, 2016

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Why has the miracle of birth come under the scanner?

Can the system overcome the challenge of balancing the emotions, expectations, moral obligations and legalities in the world of surrogacy?

/ October 25, 2016
Smart City

Modi’s PR skills – actually making our cities smarter?

Smart Cities Mission is a vision of creating Industrial Corridors between India’s big metropolitan cities and the catch is - Key to Success lies outside India.

/ October 25, 2016

The historic climate deal you might not have heard of

A never seen before social and environmental innovation has occurred, stemming from the African valleys.

/ October 24, 2016
Modi at BRICS

Geo-politics in the 21st century: What’s in store for India?

Will India be a variable in the global power equation?

/ October 24, 2016
black surveillance

Black surveillance: Precaution or racism?

Racism has long been prevalent in the American society. Has it taken roots in the intelligence and surveillance agencies as well?

/ October 23, 2016

The sun hasn’t set for Japan yet

The going may be tough but with the right structural policies in place, the Japanese economy can recover and witness a turnaround.

/ October 23, 2016

The infamous ‘Star Wars’ bet that earned Spielberg millions

The case of a simple diversification trade amongst two friends reaps risk-adjusted returns.

/ October 22, 2016
An Indian Farmer

What can make our farmers more prosperous?

In a country where the condition of farmers is alarming, how can they be made better off?

/ October 22, 2016

Will ambivalence be the ‘Trump’ card for Clinton?

With a major portion of the population still undecided, is ambivalence going to play the key role in the US Presidential elections?

/ October 22, 2016

Why economists are no longer the go-to-people for economic advice

Democratisation of Information is turning away the voters from enlisting the advice of economists, slowly killing the economic imperialism and grasp over the populace through controlled media.

/ October 21, 2016

Body language in the Snapchat era

In this age of rapidly evolving digitalization, are we losing out on the human touch from one-to-one communication?

/ October 20, 2016

Why all languages deserve a script

India has over 1600 languages, but very few of them can be written. With no particular script of their own, these languages and their speakers remain buried in remote corners.

/ October 20, 2016

It’s time we stopped underplaying the nuclear threat

Is Pakistan’s pathological obsession regarding Kashmir, terrorism and nuclear attack with India at the heart of all the problems between the two nations?

/ October 19, 2016