Month: December 2016


If 2016 left us angry, will 2017 usher in hope?

2016 was the year of anger characterised by tumultuous uprisings and baffling political events. Although a sombre year, it was not without a deluge of victories!

/ December 31, 2016

When Modi ends the new year with a ‘BHIM’ bang

The BHIM app launched by Modi, seems to be an answer to the skeptics questioning India's ability to go cashless.

/ December 31, 2016

Core supporters or swing voters: What matters for MNREGA fund allocation?

Do political incentives influence the allocation of funds by local politicians to their constituencies under MNREGA: India’s largest anti-poverty programme ?

/ December 31, 2016

2016: The year of protectionism

2016 has been a historic year for protectionism. But, will it permanently overturn the free trade consensus of the past few decades?

/ December 31, 2016
The young labour in a world of automation

How do automated jobs affect young job-seekers in the labour market?

The automation trend has created concern that middle-skill jobs will be eroded. In this age of decreasing need for human labour, how will the millennials find jobs?

/ December 31, 2016
Showing the different emotions like scorn in a wrathful person.

A how-to guide on insulting people intelligently

Matthew Parris' book Scorn analyzes how famous personalities, from Twain to Trump, use scornful words and comments in an intelligent and witty manner.

/ December 31, 2016
Protests against caste based reservations in India

Do reservations in India benefit the ones who actually need it?

Upper-caste groups demanding 'backward' status identifies a growing trend wherein those who demand reservation benefit more than those who actually need it.

/ December 31, 2016

Why humans might get lucky and survive climate change

Climate change is not entirely a manmade phenomenon. The world has seen it before. What are the chances that history is repeating itself?

/ December 30, 2016
Trump's trade protectionism is a threat to the global economy

Will the world economy succumb to Trump’s trade protectionism?

As world trade and investment have plateaued, globalisation is barely alive. At this time, Trump's new protectionism could destabilise the world economy.

/ December 30, 2016
Climate saving, solar panel apartment

How to address climate change? Start by innovating buildings

The not so known bio-climatic architectural designs of buildings -Increasing life of our planet, since 20th century.

/ December 30, 2016
Futuristic Blockchain enabled and self-driven transportation systems can be moulded to serve the system better but the stakes are quite high and risks too great.

Blockchain and self-driven cars: Are we ready to welcome the future?

Futuristic Blockchain enabled and self-driven transportation systems can be moulded to serve the system better but the stakes are quite high and risks too great.

/ December 30, 2016
Public Philosophy

The dilemma of public policy: Any room for philosophy?

The more pressing the issue, the easier it's drowned out. The more philosophical it is, the less importance it's given.Strange times for public philosophy?

/ December 30, 2016
How ‘Dr Death’ single-handedly fought for the right to die

How ‘Dr Death’ – advocate of assisted suicide fought for the right to die

The pathologist known as 'Dr Death' claimed to have helped 130 people commit suicide when terminally ill.

/ December 30, 2016
Photo courtesy- Bayern

Pakistan’s economic dream run: What does the future look like?

Pakistan's poised for a great economic leap ushered in by the CPEC corridor, improved public services, a young workforce and better investment potential.

/ December 30, 2016
Anonymity disappears in the age of big data.

Hide all you can, algorithms know who you are

Massive amounts of data being channeled into algorithms stand to intimidate an average person's right to anonymity like never before.

/ December 29, 2016
Improving lives with digital finance

From bank accounts to mobile payments – The digital path beckons all

Digitization can slowly bring emerging economies on the same technological wavelength as the rest of the world by helping their population fight poverty.

/ December 29, 2016
Trumponomics is getting widespread and taking a major shift for the US economy.

Trumponomics: Headed towards a radical economic shift?

Although Trump economics made some initial benefits for the US economy but it is taking a major curve from free-market capitalism towards a mixed economy.

/ December 29, 2016

Internet connectivity has become the primary infrastructure in the 21st century

60% of the world does not have internet access. If we are to connect the entire world, The internet must be made a core part of infrastructural development.

/ December 29, 2016
migrants being saved.

Crossing boundaries: The era of the migrants

The 21st century will be a century of migrants. But have the migrants always been a constitutive social figure in our societies?

/ December 29, 2016
Algocracy: governance through algorithms

Can an algorithm judge your character?

In a system where algorithms form preconceptions and feed into institutionalised state apparatus, how soon will governance be handled through machines?

/ December 29, 2016
Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra – Seeds for the future

Jagriti Yatra – by the medium of a unique train journey – hopes to take entrepreneurship to Tier II and Tier III cities in a mission to build India.

/ December 28, 2016
Free Trade

What is restricting free trade?

Non-tariff measures are a roadblock to free trade. What can be done to remedy these limitations?

/ December 28, 2016

The future of ‘clean’ energy

How can the energy industry adapt to meet the needs of a growing population while also supporting low-carbon growth? This essential transition will not happen without collaboration amongst the stakeholders.

/ December 28, 2016

The e-commerce giant: Is Amazon playing selfish?

Amazon's escalating influence in the e-commerce industry and shrewd marketing strategies has made it a market superpower to dictate terms and exercise control. Who are to suffer for this?

/ December 28, 2016
Datasphere- the world's newest frontier

Digital data boom has posed a new challenge to the law

As the information technology ascends, how can the law keep up with the datasphere and control it efficiently?

/ December 28, 2016

What makes us stand for the national anthem at the movie? Respect or fear?

Reactions to the 'judicially overreached' SC order have been varied but is it being obeyed out of the fear of vigilantism?

/ December 28, 2016
Peter Navarro - One of the trade protectionists who favor demonising China

Navarro as US trade chief: A quest to demonize China?

Trade protectionists like Navarro have been chosen as the policy makers for US. Will they be able to change the perception of their outlook towards China?

/ December 28, 2016
Recruiting the right kind of talent is an age-old problem which can be resolved using psychometric assessment that increases chance of success of employees.

Do you have the right person for the job?

Recruiting the right kind of talent is an age-old problem which can be resolved using psychometric assessment that increases chance of success of employees.

/ December 27, 2016
Arctic winter in 2016. This year, ice coverage has reached record lows for the early northern winter.

The Arctic is becoming exceptionally warmer. Humans at fault?

The analysis of the Arctic winter in 2016 points out to an unusual event of climate change due to increased human influence through greenhouse emission which needs to be curtailed.

/ December 27, 2016
Photo courtesy- Pexel

Unequal economic returns among generations in Australia is a consequence of ‘generation gap’

Every generation participates equally in the working of an economy. But the policies adopted by the Australian government have led to inequitable returns among these generations.

/ December 27, 2016