Month: January 2017

Despite the fact that the doormats were being sold by a third party, Amazon has apologised.

India pulls mat from under Amazon’s feet

Will Sushma Swaraj's sentimental response to the flag doormats hurt India's future prospects with Amazon and other MNC's?

/ January 14, 2017

Rwanda’s genocide didn’t make the front page news: An interview with Alfredo Jaar

Rwanda's horrific genocide and the lack of media coverage that surrounded it are discussed with Alfredo Jaar in an interview. Alfredo Jaar is a Chilean-born artist, architect, and filmmaker.

/ January 14, 2017
The filmmakers have captured the essence of showing the audience something that's not there in the first place.

Look closely while watching your next movie. Are the people in the background real?

Filmmakers have tapped laws of perception still unexplored by neuroscience to create a visual feast in the brain and thus they exploit this to their advantage when it comes to...

/ January 14, 2017

How will the US government fund Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan?

One of the agendas, of Donald Trump is his trillion dollar infrastructure plan. But to fulfill this agenda will the US government take the Federal Reserve's aid or stick to...

/ January 14, 2017
Semi-skilled workers bear the brunt of India's contractual labour habits

The cost paradigm of India’s labour

The 'cheaply' available labour, which India relies on, is now struggling with unfair employment contracts which offer neither regularity nor employment benefits.

/ January 13, 2017

A not-so-funny mix-up: Kyrgyzstan’s name tarnished in Istanbul attacks

Social Media has again created a mess. The picture of the alleged terrorist, who later turned out to be a meagre trader, was passed around on Twitter for hours.

/ January 13, 2017
Arun Jaitley ready for the budget

Challenges to the Union Budget 2017

The upcoming Union Budget poses some unique challenges for the Finance Minister. Will he choose to ride the wave of populism?

/ January 13, 2017

Is the Census out of fashion?

Despite the skepticism around census data, social participation is essential to benefit from effective public policy making.

/ January 12, 2017

Somali refugees in Kenya: Not anymore?

What made Kenya, call for a closure of the biggest refugee camp in the world?

/ January 12, 2017
The Titanic, leadership failures and climate change

Titanic, leadership failures and climatic changes – What do they have in common?

We need leaders that realize that no country is immune to climate disruption.

/ January 12, 2017
Sovereignty is a saleable commodity

Sovereignty up for sale: Terms and conditions subject to circumstances

Sovereignty has always been a saleable commodity for the rulers. It has not been able to free itself from the clutches of sale transactions.

/ January 12, 2017
Robert Lighthizer

Lighting up Trump’s protectionism

Will Lighthizer prove to be Trump's Protectionist in the Silver Armour?

/ January 12, 2017

The biggest issue in Kashmir is no longer the ‘Kashmir issue’

The harrowing plight of women in Kashmir should not get lost amidst the bullets and pellets.

/ January 11, 2017

The need to restructure our defense systems

The lines of distinction between war and peace are blurring. Do we need a decentralized defense mechanism?

/ January 11, 2017
Globalization mapped out

The anti-globalization voices that were unheard by the G20 leaders

With the advent of a new year, G20 countries need to recognize some legitimate concerns against the widely accepted notion of globalization.

/ January 11, 2017

The First Lady’s last address: Her bequest to the nation

The legacy of Michelle Obama is historical. As the First Lady, her last official words yet again encouraged the people of the United States to embrace diversity with open arms.

/ January 10, 2017

eTouch: An online insurance plan for you and your family

The eTouch policy of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance provides you with the best mix of health and term insurance.

/ January 10, 2017

Why Amazon’s Echo needs to be heard

Amazon has been using its product Echo to shake things up in the artificial intelligence space. What does it need to continue the rampage?

/ January 10, 2017
Poor Man

How politics played a bigger role than economics in demonetisation

An analysis of how the political benefits outweigh the economic factors for the present government.

/ January 10, 2017

Human Progress: To GDP and beyond?

Having GDP as the sole source of measuring human developement has led to distorted actions, Now, we're building a more holistic way of measuring progress.

/ January 10, 2017

Trump and India: What can we expect in the economic domain?

With massive dichotomy in public opinion, how far is it possible to predict Trump's impact on India?

/ January 10, 2017
Euro and dollar parity

Euro heads for parity with the US dollar: The unfolding of a financial collapse?

The euro is anticipated to hit parity with the U.S. dollar; a key marker that we have been watching for is almost here. Will it unleash a global financial crisis?

/ January 10, 2017

Is the society moving towards a better tomorrow?

Times are changing and people are making progress in terms of wellbeing.

/ January 10, 2017
Poverty reduction in India

What has been the trend of poverty reduction in India?

Reviewing the past 60 years data makes it possible to delineate the course of poverty reduction that has been adopted in India.

/ January 10, 2017
Nirbhay has only been partially successful in the previous two attempts.

Trashing Nirbhay: Crashing India’s defence strategies?

The let-down of Nirbhay is reported more as a failure than a technical snag. Here's why India's defence sector has a long way to traverse before success.

/ January 10, 2017
Jagriti Yatra is a 15 day, 8000 km national odyssey to meet the role models - social and business entrepreneurs - of the country.

Jagriti Yatra: Giving back to the roots

The story of a yatri Siddhant, takes us through the struggles, successes and endeavours that reflect everything that Jagriti Yatra aspires to be.

/ January 9, 2017

Apple denied “special status” in India

Denying special status to Apple is a display of the government's intention to prioritize a level playing field in India.

/ January 9, 2017

The cost of war: A bit too steep?

In war, ultimately everyone loses. It's a zero-sum game. But how much cost does the populace of the country, which includes the soldiers, really pay?

/ January 9, 2017

Tax cheating: Living off the shore

A complex web of tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions continues to thrive and slow down the world economy. Will it ever end?

/ January 9, 2017
Censorship in Russia

Russia’s five moments of censorship in 2016

Russia has seen some of the most memorable moments of censorship last year for the most intriguing reasons.

/ January 9, 2017