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When people join the military, they commit themselves to follow their government’s decisions. What should soldiers do in a war that ought not to be fought?

The way restaurants are run offer insights into the leadership qualities to produce detail, precision and perfection in the work.

The real story of the French election is not whether the winner is Macron, but that Marine Le Pen has re-defined the winning agenda.

The permit raj and the allocation of land to the housing sector are proving to be detrimental to educational institutions. Can establishing the link between the real estate and education sector and a simple policy change, prevent this damage?

By Manan Vyas The beauty of data science is best understood through an example on how it helps real businesses. The Indian Economist teamed up with the data science team at Atidiv to give our readers an exclusive inside view on a data science project that

Since it came to power in 2014, the BJP has implemented multiple reforms for the Indian economy. Has it been successful? All this and more is expounded upon in the riveting interview given by Mr Shailesh Kumar - former Obama aide and an expert economist.

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