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Considering over 100 different metrics, here is a list of 22 cities in the world which are on the top of the shopping lists for tech companies, looking for space in which to locate.

Artists from Pakistan who sing classical music find receptive listeners in India and so do the Indian artists, in Pakistan. The idea of a cultural war between the two nations is simply a consequence of their acrimonious political relationship.

When it comes to Health Insurance, Aditya Birla Health sets itself apart for making the process user-centric and launching an App that actually measures fitness, improves fitness and rewards its users for achieving their fitness goals.

The top most tourist friendly countries have successfully created an enabling environment for travel and tourism to thrive by facilitating travel to their nation, promoting their natural and cultural heritage, and ensuring a rewarding and hopefully unforgettable experience for their visitors.

By Alex Gray When we surf the web – what are we looking at? Does it change according to where we live? Alexa.com tracks millions of internet users and compiles lists of the most-visited websites by country, and globally. Unsurprisingly, Google shows up as the most popular site

A study conducted on the Chinese elderly shows that drinking a cup of tea daily can reduce a person’s risk of developing neurocognitive disorders by almost 50 percent.