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The Indian Economist publishes authoritative commentary & analysis on business & economics, policy, politics and culture & society.

The Indian Economist has a simple value proposition for its readers – we publish two kinds of articles – Fresh Take & Something New.

Fresh Take

These articles take an existing subject and present a completely fresh perspective on it.

Something New

These articles introduce completely new subjects into the conversation.

The Indian Economist believes in one primary theme underpinning our articles – credibility. Our articles are written by experts in their field who know what they are talking about so we can deliver to you authoritative, reliable and credible opinion & commentary from across the world.

Established in 2013, The Indian Economist has hosted more than 500 columnists from more than 21 countries across the world. With a readership in more than 46 countries and distribution across 11 different channels, The Indian Economist has grown popular with readers who look for ‘something new’ in their daily news intake.

With an all time high ranking of 89 on IndiBlogger, The Indian Economist has been ranked India’s No. 1 Blog for Policy as well as Foreign Policy. The Indian Economist hosts more than 2,200 published articles for you to dive in and start reading!

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