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We’d like to tell you the means to download Dynamics GP, install it for evaluation interval of 90 days and review the functionality if you’re evaluating candidates for future Corporate ERP system. This program was in days gone by also called Great Plains Dynamics, eEnterprise, please do note that its forerunner – Great Plains Accounting for DOS, Windows and Mac had distinct code base and its logic differs, so you may need some training to begin intuitively recognize new displays in Dynamics GP, if you are planning GPA to Dynamics GP upgrade path: 1.Download current version Dynamics GP 10.0 CDs from MSDN subscription website. As GP is urged as mid-market Corporate ERP, if evaluation is being done by you, please check with your IT department if your organization has MSDN subscription. Should you not have MSDN subscription, please email us or give us a call, we will send instructions to you 2.Install Dynamics GP evaluation version. Where you preliminary install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition, we recommend you to install evaluation on Windows XP or Vista workstation. In order to install on Vista, please disable User Account Control. There are known issues if you’re installing with Microsoft Office 2007 loaded. Please, read about DexSkipDotNetCheck.mst and skipdotnetcheck.ms procedures. You’ll have to download these files, give as e-mail or a call. When you’ve got GP installation in progress, please don’t enter registration key – this will put you in evaluation mode for 90 days automatically 3.Assessment recommendations.

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Please select amount of first, second and third section respectively 3 characters or more and Sections 3 or more, 4 characters or more and 2 characters or more when you run Dynamics GP Utilities. If you choose these settings, you should be able to install Fabrikam Lesson Company (TWO database in MS SQL Server). In Fabrikam you could see most of the GP modules, you may also load Making, Field Services, Fixed Assets, Recruiting, Project Accounting sample data. Plus leading Dynamics GP ISV Partners Add-ons have sample data loading utility for evaluation. Plus you’ll be able to download and install such integration tools in case if you would like your programmers to check it out as well and have ecommerce integration needs, as eConnect SDK 4.What you cannot do in evaluation version. You can’t try and install Integration Manager, FRx Financial Reporting. However for most of these technologies, you can use Microsoft Business Solutions demo presentations, simply make internet search and you should be able to locate web demos or pictures from Microsoft affiliated websites or from Dynamics GP Partners 5.If you are migrating away from Small Business Accounting programs, including QuickBooks, PeachTree, or if you are downgrading from complete characteristics Corporate ERP, including Oracle eBusiness Suite, Epicor, PeopleSoft, you’ll probably need data conversion phase.

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Please attempt to figure out information export options, in this case you can use Dynamics GP Integration Manager for Data Migration and Conversion, if your heritage bookkeeping does not have migration application to Microsoft Dynamics GP 6.Upgrade from Archaic Great Plains versions: 7.5, 7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, 4.0, also from Great Plains for Pervasive SQL or Ctree (version 7.5 and lower), Great Plains Accounting for DOS, Windows and Macintosh: 9.5, 9.2, 9.1 or earlier. If this is your strategy – please note that you must be present in Dynamics GP annual augmentation program to have use of recent GP variation 10.0 (we’re writing these lines in October 2009, if this time is overly historical, check with Microsoft which variant of Dynamics GP is present at the time). If you’re not present in the program, then you definitely may anticipate some discounts in software or reenrollment licenses repurchase 7.If you’re looking for Dynamics GP enactment for multinational corporation. Please, note, that GP is localized in English speaking countries: USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, South East Asia, plus in Spanish Speaking Latin America, Caribbean, in French it is accessible in Quebec in Canada. GP doesn’t support Unicode (this is restriction for Hieroglyph based languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean). Great Plains has support from local Dynamics GP Associate in Poland. It is also technically possible to translate some GP displays to Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Brazilian Portuguese and other ASCII compliant languages of East Europe and the World, however we usually do not advocate this approach, as Corporate ERP localization normally goes beyond screen translations and comprises local tax laws conformity.

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In the case if GP isn’t localized for projected country, we urge you to contemplate Dynamics AX Axapta first (particularly when you’re committed to Microsoft Business Solutions and Microsoft Windows platform) and then SAP Business One does amazing job and both of these (AX and SB1) are localized for bigger amount of nations and support Unicode. Axapta is great choice is your foreign subsidiary company is upper midsize or big organization. SAP B1 in its turn is great fit if your international branch is smaller 8 to get help? Please, feel free to call us: 1-866-528-0577, outside of USA: 1-630-961-5918 or e-mail us We are very technical and actual Dynamics GP Dexterity, SAP Business One SDK programming gurus. We could support outright Dynamics GP Customization and Programming needs and have Great Plains Software Development Factory. Plus we speak English, http://buyoemsoftware.biz Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and not as native speaking sales people, but as actual technical advisers. If you favor skype: albaspectrum