The Finance and Investment Cell, Hans Raj College is proud to present FINANCE PLATTER, 2014, a one-day extravaganza on the 3rd of November 2014. This platter will serve you with STOCKTAIL (a mock stock competition) in association with the Bombay Stock Exchange and BID TADKA (IPL bidding) in association with It is a good chance to play the market and build your very own IPL team. Finance Platter is indeed going to be a treat for those who dare to plan, strategize and build a side. The students will compete in an engaging atmosphere,facing mind boggling situations where they will compete most importantly with their own selves.


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The event is modelled on the stock market that will make you taste the extremities of the stock market. This would definitely not be like an ordinary mock stock event. It’s a Stocktail with a blend of various flavours and a tinge of excitement.

“Boring stock can bring you exciting returns” and we’re in a mission to demystify investing through an interactive game. So put your winning shoes on and follow your instincts to take it all!

Most importantly, we won’t be judging you on the basis of your quizzing skills in the prelims round. Everybody gets a chance to play the market!

Time – 10:00 a.m. onwards


Herein, the bidding session will take place where a number of players along with their statistics and base prices will be shown to the teams. Teams will have to analyse the statistics and bid accordingly. The player will be sold to the team with the maximum bid.

All we ask for is a basic knowledge of IPL, being a manger isn’t a piece of cake. Get the facts and trivia right and you might just be the owner of the biggest IPL team ever.

Come, take a step into the boots of a manager, feel the pressure of making the best out of the lot. You get a chance to make contracts, add bonuses and what not.

Time – 12:30 p.m. onwards


  1. The event is open to all college students. If you can furnish a valid identity card, consider yourself eligible to participate in the event.
  2. A team may consist of a maximum of two members; lone wolves are also allowed.
  3. Cross college teams are allowed.So what are you waiting for!? Register yourself as soon as possible and be a part of this mega-event. With hefty prizes to be won by the victorious teams, the event is surely going to be an enthralling experience for all.




    Shivang Aggarwal – 9717485634

    Tushar Jain – 9818310203

    Abhiv Jindal – 9560537350

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