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The Indian Economist is among India’s top rated digital magazines, acclaimed for excellence in economics, policy and culture. We aim to add extraordinary value to our readers by publishing articles that say ‘Something New’ or provide a ‘Fresh Take’ on subjects. Our Android App rating of 4.8 on a 5 point scale, from more than 4,750 reviews is a testament to the value we provide to readers by consistently delivering high quality articles.

We are now on an exciting growth path as we expand the scope of our product and increase our outreach. Whether you are a working professional looking to expand skillsets and acquire leadership experience, or a student out to gain in-depth learning and professional experience, The Indian Economist has opportunities available across the spectrum of the organisation. Choose from 3 Career Tracks – the Leadership Program, Associate Program or the Analyst Program.

All details you need are given below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Really want to work with us but don’t find something suitable below? Mail me directly at [email protected] (Manan, Founder). Happy to talk further and figure out how you can contribute.

Open Positions

Leadership ProgramAssociate ProgramAnalyst ProgramWriting Program

The acclaimed Leadership Program at The Indian Economist is an opportunity for you to gain hands on experience in leading a team and owning workstreams and targets. The rigorous leadership program demands much from participants – the weekly commitment in this program exceeds 25 hours. Past members of the leadership program have gone on to global Ivy League universities as well as some of India’s best B-schools. The program is selective, and demands individuals that have a combination of talent, perseverance and the ability to work hard.  You start off as a Junior Team Lead, working on key strategic projects. High performers move quickly to the Team Lead role, where they traditionally lead a team of 5 individuals or more. At higher ranks, members of the Leadership Program lead upward of 20 member teams.

Apply to this program if you are genuinely passionate and committed about working with The Indian Economist. We promise you – it’ll be worth it.

Note – If you are not confident about applying to the Leadership Program at this stage because of other commitments, you can begin your association with The Indian Economist through the Associate Program. Members of the Associate Program are given the opportunity to switch to the Leadership Program at a later stage.

Junior Team Lead - Content Strategy

Junior Team Lead - Editorial

The 6 month long Associate Program is an opportunity to engage deeply with The Indian Economist. Members of the Associate Program play key roles in the organisation. They are responsible for core operations in teams such as Editorial, Post Production, Content Strategy, Marketing, Account Management, Human Resources and more. Our Associates are deeply engaged, and many extend their 6 month contract for another 6 months to continue working and learning with The Indian Economist. The Associate Program demands a lower commitment than the Leadership Program, with a weekly time commitment of roughly 10-15 hours. The Indian Economist offers an option to continue in the Associate Career Track (see Career Progression below for more details) or switch to the Leadership Program track when the Associate wants to take on greater responsibilities. The Associate Career Track is also well defined, and enables individuals specialised in their role to continue progressing consistently in a defined career ladder.

Editorial Team - Associate Program

Post Production Team - Associate Program

Currently, we are not accepting any applications for our Analyst Program.

The exclusive Writing Program at The Indian Economist brings together a group of sharp minds to write crisp 500 word articles that help our readers understand (a) Big stories – how do these affect the reader? (b) Bigger picture & trends behind smaller stories – noticed a small event happening, but connecting the dots and giving the reader the bigger picture behind these.

The Writing Program begins at the Analyst position (check the Career Progression tab below) and climbs to the position of Senior Editor. Analysts work with Editorial Associates to pick major topics to write about. On average, members of the writing program are expected to contribute 3 stories a week (500 words). The turnaround time for stories can be short, in conjunction with the news cycle. The program therefore needs sharp writers that can add value to readers with well research and analysed stories in a tight time frame. (Deadlines can vary between 6 to 48 hours depending on the type of story)

The Writers are encouraged to establish their expertise in any one of the following categories:

  1. Policy
  2. World
  3. Politics
  4. Business
  5. Economics
  6. Culture & Society
  7. Science & Technology

More questions? Mail them in to [email protected]

To apply: Send in 3 writing samples to [email protected]

Working with Us

Why work for usHow to applyCertificates & RecommendationsCareer ProgressionTransfer ProgramEligibilityLocationPayAlumni Speak

As an organisation, The Indian Economist has built a reputation among employers and institutions as a selective employer that recruits the top talent. Alumni of The Indian Economist’s Leadership Program and Associate Program are studying at Ivy League universities, global B-schools or management consulting firms such as McKinsey, the Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, PWC and EY.

Working at The Indian Economist can bolster your profile while providing you with valuable opportunities to learn and develop diverse skill set.

Learning – Job profiles at The Indian Economist are not narrow and rigidly defined. They are broad and flexible, giving Associates an opportunity to gain experience across the business value chain and functions. The collaborative team environment and fast-paced work-streams combine to give a valuable learning experience that stays with you long after you have left the organisation

Mentorship – The senior team members at The Indian Economist are always willing and available to mentor Associates and help them develop their skills and profile. The Indian Economist believes in helping the Associates succeed in their endeavors beyond the organisation as well, by providing advice, helping with skills and training and providing access to useful business and social networks

Leadership – The Indian Economist provides unique opportunities to gain leadership experience in your area of specialisation. Leading a team of between 3 to 30 individuals will enable you to grow as a leader and get a steep learning curve early on in your career. 

Network – The Indian Economist network is extensive. We currently host more than 400 columnists from across the world. More than 1,000 individuals have worked with us as Associates over the past 4 years. You will get to work with 100+ Associates in the current team – spread all over India. The Indian Economist gives you unique opportunities to grow your network and make friends from all over the country.

Work environment – As a startup that operates digitally, The Indian Economist believes in providing flexibility to you to enable you to balance your academic and professional commitments with the work you do at The Indian Economist. You will find the environment here young, friendly and merit driven. We believe firmly in Facebook’s original motto – ‘Move fast and break things’. Mistakes are welcome here at The Indian Economist. We err, learn and grow.

The Indian Economist. For the Curious Mind.

Each position has a different procedure for applying. Please review the relevant information for the position you are interested in and apply according to the specific instructions provided. You may apply for more than one position if you like.

The Indian Economist provides a Certificate of Experience to all individuals that have completed the designated period of association for the different positions.

Analyst program – 1 month

Associate program – 6 months

Leadership program – 6 months

The Indian Economist also provides detailed recommendations to all high performing individuals that have completed 6 months in the organisation. TIE recommendations have assisted our alumni get admission to places such as the Columbia School of Journalism, IE Business School Spain, Warwick University and the Indian School of Business.

There is a monthly performance review cycle for the Associate Program and the Leadership Program. There are two components to this – (a) Self Appraisal by the individual (b) Feedback by the Manager

The typical promotion occurs in 3 months for individuals that ‘meet expectations’. Individuals that ‘exceed expectations’ can expect to be promoted in two months or fewer.

The Writing Program promotion cycle is triggered at the completion of 40 published articles.

Levels Analyst Program Associate Program Leadership Program Writing Program
1 Analyst Associate
2 Senior Associate I
3 Senior Associate II
4 Senior Associate III Junior Team Lead Analyst
5 Expert Team Lead Senior Analyst
6 Senior Expert Senior Team Lead Associate
7 Principal Divisional Head Editor
8 Vice President Senior Editor
9 Advisory Board

All members at The Indian Economist can apply for transfers to other teams in the organisation, enabling them to get experience across the spectrum of activities the organisation is engaged in.

The Indian Economist does not prescribe any eligibility criteria to apply for any roles at The Indian Economist. We believe everyone should be free to apply to The Indian Economist if they are interested.

All positions at The Indian Economist are part-time, and allow a great degree of flexibility.

All positions at The Indian Economist are virtual and work from home. The Indian Economist hosts associates and writers from all over the world. Regardless of your location, you can feel free to apply to and work with The Indian Economist.

All positions at The Indian Economist are unpaid. All members of our team, including the Founders, work without remuneration at this point.

You can read anonymous reviews on The Indian Economist’s Glassdoor Profile

“The Indian Economist has been an enriching professional experience, fostering an environment for diverse, innovative ideas. It has been an enterprising headstart, providing opportunities and challenges beyond my current role. Personally, the mentorship at TIE has been a source of constant support and encouragement, enabling me to explore my future academic options too.”

–  A.R.Rakshitha, Senior Associate – now studying at the Columbia School of Journalism, New York

“The experience gave me valuable insights that I refer to during my classes at B-school every now and then. Additionally, my involvement with The Indian Economist has always engaged the panelists and helped me clear all interviews from ISB, IIM to BCG.”

– Divyanshi Bhansali, Core Operations Manager – admitted to ISB & IIM-Lucknow – placed at the Boston Consulting Group

TIE has played a huge role in all my applications and interviews. I learnt a lot there. Thank you for all the support and help.
– Tanvi Kaul, Operations Manager – now studying at IE Business School, Spain

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