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The effects of online shopping.

With increased sales competition, can Snapdeal revive?

While Flipkart and Amazon are busy making money through sales, Snapdeal might not recover due to the nature of the competition.

/ January 24, 2017
Despite the fact that the doormats were being sold by a third party, Amazon has apologised.

India pulls mat from under Amazon’s feet

Will Sushma Swaraj's sentimental response to the flag doormats hurt India's future prospects with Amazon and other MNC's?

/ January 14, 2017

Why Amazon’s Echo needs to be heard

Amazon has been using its product Echo to shake things up in the artificial intelligence space. What does it need to continue the rampage?

/ January 10, 2017

The e-commerce giant: Is Amazon playing selfish?

Amazon's escalating influence in the e-commerce industry and shrewd marketing strategies has made it a market superpower to dictate terms and exercise control. Who are to suffer for this?

/ December 28, 2016
A startup garage

The ones who say an idea is all you need for a startup are lying

Where do most of the successful technology ideas originate? In a garage or in lecture rooms?

/ November 9, 2016

The World’s Hottest Startup is Now out of the Incubator

Six years. Tedious but path-breaking negotiations. Finally, 196 countries join hands to achieve a breakthrough for this mega startup.

/ November 8, 2016
Amazon and Netflix

The Disruptive Duo: Amazon and Netflix!

A look into what makes Amazon and Netflix the 'Disruptive Duo' and how their stock prices have played a temperamental role in the market game.

/ July 24, 2016

Hello customer! How much will you pay?

The author explains how price targeting is beneficial for both the customer and the company and how companies and its various techniques used by companies.

Ambush, Discounts And The Big Indian E-retail Revolution

The article analyzes the advent of e-retail websites in the Indian market and the huge discounts being announced by them to lure consumers.

The Rise of E-Commerce In India

The article discusses the introduction of e-commerce into India and its journey thus far.

Anticipating Amazon

By Sahaana Sankar, talks about the new feature of Amazon of anticipatory delivery which is expected to give it a edge in the e-commerce industry.