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A set of monetary and fiscal policies designed to boost short term growth may lead the U.S. economy to a downward spiral of debt and inflation, putting the global economy at risk.

Obama leaves office as a remarkably successful president. From creating more jobs to fighting terrorism, the Obama administration has left behind a legacy which will be difficult to parallel.

In war, ultimately everyone loses. It's a zero-sum game. But how much cost does the populace of the country, which includes the soldiers, really pay?

The end of the 20th century saw the rise of globalisation and liberalism, however, things have taken a U-turn since then, leading to a fall of the same.

Has the Left in America caused racism to lose its sting? The writer speculates on the reason behind the change in the mindsets of the people.

The article explains the theory of Love Jihad to garner support for the unification and cooperation between Muslim and Hindu communities.