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Apple denied “special status” in India

Denying special status to Apple is a display of the government's intention to prioritize a level playing field in India.

/ January 9, 2017
A startup garage

The ones who say an idea is all you need for a startup are lying

Where do most of the successful technology ideas originate? In a garage or in lecture rooms?

/ November 9, 2016
Apple, European Union and Beyond - Part II

Apple, European Union and Beyond – Part II

The author discusses how the European Commission's verdict may come to haunt the European Union instead of Apple, its intended target.

/ September 11, 2016
Apple, European Union and Beyond - Part I

Apple, European Union and Beyond – Part I

The European Commission's recent verdict has thrust Apple's financial workings into the limelight. The writer tells us how things played out.

/ September 11, 2016

Comparing “Apple” with Oranges

In this article the author discusses about the tax aids received by Apple from Ireland and the EC's take on the matter.

/ September 5, 2016

APPLE vs. MICROSOFT; is Apple Dwarfing Microsoft?

Apple has risen like a star in the past decade and a half and its competitor has seen a hilly road. Lets see what's the status with these two companies...

Fall of the Giants

With companies like Nokia failing in months, one seems to be intrigued by what actually is the cause of fall of such giants. Here's an analysis.

War Of The Worlds

The smartphone war has been existent for a long time now, the participants being Samsung and Apple. Will the introduction of Cortana change the scene.

An Analysis Of Apple And Facebook’s “Freezing Eggs” Scheme

The author talks about the "Freezing Eggs Program" that has been initiated by Apple and Facebook's employee benefit scheme.

Is Apple Losing the First Mover Advantage?

The article explains how Apple might just lose its niche market and first mover advantage by the lack-lustre performance of its recent products.

Rise of the Planet of Devices

The author highlights the advent of technology-dependency in our contemporary lives, and analyzes its probable effects on the human race.

Why didn’t Apple price the iPhone 5C lower

The article tries to explain why iPhone 5C hiked its price behind rational logic and moreover adding very few new features.

Who Will Win the Battles for Our Screens?

The author attempts to outline the periphery of battle of coming up with a new mobile device between Google and Apple.

Bitcoin’s Wild Week

This article talks about the events that took place when the Apple store dropped the Bitcoin App from its marketplace.