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Why Amazon’s Echo needs to be heard

Amazon has been using its product Echo to shake things up in the artificial intelligence space. What does it need to continue the rampage?

/ January 10, 2017

Sundar Pichai’s Bharat Darshan

Google CEO - Sundar Pichai - paid a visit to his alma mater, IIT Kharagpur. Return of the 'campus rockstar'?

/ January 5, 2017
Photo courtesy-Techworm | teaching can't be substituted by AI

Artificial intelligence may not be a substitute to teachers yet

Bots created with artificial intelligence can make teaching easier by carrying out the tedious tasks for teachers. But they are not evolved enough yet to replace the teacher altogether.

/ January 4, 2017

Making artificial intelligence more trustworthy

Companies are employing more resources and science behind AI to make the systems integrate themselves into more efficient ones.

/ January 2, 2017

Can artificial intelligence change the shopping scenario?

How has artificial intelligence made considerable changes to the way people shop?

/ December 17, 2016
Artificial Intelligence

Is a Revolution Coming?

The article discusses technological advancement and its skewed benefits for the rich and the skilled.

/ July 4, 2016