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The Congress has long been sleeping while the BJP has managed to command a resounding political success. It is time for Congress to actualize its potential as the opposition.

One of the strongest parties of the country has been on a downward roller coaster for a while now. Let have a look at internalities and externalities.

Giving the right to elect to the citizens in the worlds largest Economy was sure to turn it into nothing less than a celebration. The magnanimity of the elections is far more than hidden.

BJP arose victorious in the 2014 Nation wide elections but fell hard in the 2015 Delhi Elections, a strategic capital, against AAP. What went wrong?

One of the many major projects that the Modi government has started, the most look out of all, the one that is being scrutinized at every step, thats the 'Make in India' campaign.

WIth incresing political interest and awareness among the people in the recent past, Delhi's upcoming elections have become the talk of the town. The three major Parties are putting in their best foot forward excitment is increasing each day.

The author explains how the vibrant gujarat summit is a place for confluence of ideas and how it helped restore investor confidence to power gujarat to the top as the global finance centre in india.

The author explains how the battle for Delhi is battle of AAP's credibility against BJP's rolling juggernaut.

This author explains how this act will help reduce the rural - urban divide and result in India being a less urban centric economy.

The author explains how the NITI Aayog is different in structure , functioning and composition from the erstwhile Planning Commission and how it performs more of an advisory role.