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Beijing's role in curtailing a nuclear North Korea

China’s role in curtailing a nuclear North Korea

North Korea's nuclear capability has been overlooked by Beijing as proved through the latter's actions. Global sanctions on Pyongyang would not yield results without a collective effort that includes China.

/ February 22, 2017
China strong as a tower

How China is still stronger than the rest of the world

Amidst the shifting focus from China as an economic heavyweight, here's why there is no reason to believe that it is going to lose plot of its economic growth.

/ February 14, 2017

China criticises the US’s remarks on island dispute

The US has stirred a whole new controversy by commenting insensitively on the Senkaku/Diaoyu dispute. How will China respond?

/ February 10, 2017

Confronting Trump’s Great Wall of separation

Under Trump's presidency, will America soon lose its global supremacy? Only time can tell.

/ February 4, 2017
China Is Shedding U.S. Debt Holdings at Record Pace

China unloads U.S. debt: How big is the selloff?

China’s holdings of U.S. Treasuries declined to the lowest in more than six years, as the world’s second-largest economy uses its currency reserves to support the yuan.

/ February 2, 2017
Trump and India

Trump’s victory: Widening India’s window of opportunities?

The converging interests of Donald Trump with India might just prove to be a blessing in disguise for it's populace.

/ February 2, 2017
America First – Trump, isolationism and a multipolar world

America First – Trump, Isolationism and a Multipolar world

What does the Trump administration's 'America First' policy mean for an increasingly multi-polar world in which the United States nonetheless has an important role to play?

/ January 28, 2017
China-Taiwan relations

‘One-China’ comes at the cost of Taiwan. How does the United States operate in this relationship?

With China forcefully defining the national identity of Taiwan, the US finds itself encouraging this "authoritarian absurdity."

/ January 23, 2017
Donald Trump

Trump’s ‘Great Game’: Playing Russia Against China?

Trump has decided to put America first. What will be his policy towards Russia and China?

/ January 22, 2017
Chinese debt

How Chinese debt differs from that of the US and Japan

China differs from other economies when it comes to overcoming its debt due to the nature of the debt as well as various economic factors.

/ January 19, 2017
China and policy talk

How the power of Xi defined Chinese politics as we know it

Ever since his election, the Chinese President Xi Jinping signaled a new theme in Chinese policy. It remains to be seen if he shall be able to ruffle any feathers.

/ January 6, 2017
Peter Navarro - One of the trade protectionists who favor demonising China

Navarro as US trade chief: A quest to demonize China?

Trade protectionists like Navarro have been chosen as the policy makers for US. Will they be able to change the perception of their outlook towards China?

/ December 28, 2016
The satellite uses quantum physics.

China launches its new satellite using quantum physics

China has recently launched a new satellite with a unique feature of sending information using quantum physics. But is this a revolution in the world of communication?

/ December 27, 2016
TanSat Satellite

The Chinese step towards climate control

China finally gets cracking on its pollution problem by launching a special satellite to track carbon emissions.

/ December 26, 2016

There is more to Pakistan’s growing market than meets the eye

With the eclipse of American military aid and the arrival of Chinese infrastructural support, a new era of economic development seems to be emerging in Pakistan.

/ December 25, 2016
USA and Russia's flag

What does Trump’s affinity to Russia mean for the US foreign policy?

Trump has embarked on re-alignment of American foreign policy which will change its relations with China and Russia.

/ December 25, 2016
Trump and US-China relations

Trump’s effect on China: The tale of two superpowers

How would Donald Trump's outlook towards Asian politics and international trade policies affect China and US-China relations?

/ December 24, 2016
China's flag flying in Beijing last year as the economy sagged, posting its slowest growth

What is happening with China’s economy? Read to know more

With the decelerating economy of China, the US observers consider it as a gigantic threat to the global economy.

/ December 18, 2016

China Pakistan Economic Corridor: A ploy by China to establish dominance

The author discusses the nexus over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor that is bound to change the fate of not just two, but three nations.

/ December 16, 2016
Xi Jinping and Donald Trump

“Cooperation is the only correct choice” – Xi Jinping

After being castigated throughout the US relations, China's president attempts to relieve the tense relations with Trump.

/ December 11, 2016
free trade

Trump roots for fair trade, not free trade

Be it NAFTA in America, the TTIP with Europe or the TPP in Asia - Beijing's efforts towards APEC is a win-win for Asia.

/ December 6, 2016

How America lost the race of Free Trade policy to China

Try, persist, persevere - Beijing's logic behind its push for an Asia Pacific free trade area.

/ December 4, 2016
Chinese prisoners

Chinese realisation: The costs of fighting corruption

Is China forgoing development through its innovation blunting crackdown on corruption?

/ November 18, 2016
Chinese and Indian Soldier

What’s in store for the Chinese economy?

Does India hold the key to revive China's economic miracles?

/ November 14, 2016

Here is what subscribers of western propaganda don’t know about China

China is still growing strong and its politically insensitive one-party rule makes it stand apart from other increasingly dysfunctional western democracies.

/ November 13, 2016
Premier Li Keqiang began a week-long trip in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Latvia seeking to promote China’s relations with the four countries, and boosting regional development and cooperation.

Where does the Eurasian silk road lead?

Premier Li’s Eurasian tour heralds the new future of Eurasia that will be based on regional economic integration.

/ November 12, 2016

Is China prepared to overcome its middle-income trap?

"China has entered the ranks of the so-called 'upper-middle-income' countries". To what extent does this hold true?

/ November 12, 2016

What can we expect from the new President?

The Trump Ascendancy: What do we make of it?

/ November 11, 2016

The consumers of China hold the key to future economic growth

China's investment based boom has been a key engine of global growth. But now, Chinese consumers will transform the way the world spends.

/ October 30, 2016
Oil trade between China and Russia

The energy rapport between China and Russia

Will the Bear and the Dragon script a turnaround for themselves?

/ October 28, 2016