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Different pricing startegies for information technology

There are certain basic generic pricing models for information technologies, some of them can be seen very clearly in our day to day life.

/ February 15, 2017
China strong as a tower

How China is still stronger than the rest of the world

Amidst the shifting focus from China as an economic heavyweight, here's why there is no reason to believe that it is going to lose plot of its economic growth.

/ February 14, 2017

Global inequality: Held hostage to eight men?

The Oxfam Report revealed that eight men earn the same amount as the poorest half of the world. Where did we go wrong?

/ February 13, 2017
Investing in a socially conscious way

How beneficial is socially responsible investment?

Is it possible to make socially conscious investment that can benefit the investor and the cause?

/ February 8, 2017
Trump's move will affect the IT industry

H-1B reform: A Pandora’s box for America?

While the American workers are welcoming the H-1B reform with open arms, however, the move has far-reaching consequences that make it an imperfect step.

/ February 5, 2017
In an attempt to tackle a myriad of economic issues, a vital one has been dismissed for long - the issue of labour protection

Acknowledging the labour muddle – a trade union’s intent

In an attempt to tackle a myriad of economic issues, a vital one has been dismissed for long - the issue of labour protection.

/ February 5, 2017

RBI permits India Post to initiate its own payment bank services

India Post can now act like a bank, and carry out all its associated functions. What will be it's effect on the Indian economy and the banking sector?

/ February 1, 2017
Clash of the Chinese and American economy

Strained ties: Will US-China trade end in a war of economy?

The change in America's administration has brought on what appears to be a trade war with China. It will only be disastrous for both economies, lest it actualizes.

/ January 29, 2017

The global village and it’s back-breaking terrain

The concerns of inequality and the elusiveness of expected growth pose a dilemma for the proponents of Globalization.

/ January 26, 2017
Trumping through

Trumping world trade: Tough times ahead?

President Trump has kick-started his tenure in the White House by introducing policies which are "protectionist" in nature. What will be the consequences?

/ January 26, 2017
Make America great again- yard sign

Putting ‘America first’ with Trump’s bilateral trade beliefs

Donald Trump has promised to put domestic producers and jobs first. Condoning this bilateral form of trade can initiate a major shift from the existing trade policies of the U.S.

/ January 24, 2017
Arundhati Bhattatcharya gives some key insights into the short-term consequences the demonetization of currency on our economy

India is in for a liquidity crunch, warns our SBI chief

The long term effects of demonetisation still await to be uncovered, but the short-term liquidity crisis' effects are certain.

/ January 23, 2017
Euro and dollar parity

Euro heads for parity with the US dollar: The unfolding of a financial collapse?

The euro is anticipated to hit parity with the U.S. dollar; a key marker that we have been watching for is almost here. Will it unleash a global financial crisis?

/ January 10, 2017

Competition: An impetus for trade and development?

A robust competition policy can act as a check and prevent unfair arrangements thereby leveling the field for all participants in the global economy pushing business towards development.

/ January 6, 2017
Photo courtesy- Bayern

Pakistan’s economic dream run: What does the future look like?

Pakistan's poised for a great economic leap ushered in by the CPEC corridor, improved public services, a young workforce and better investment potential.

/ December 30, 2016

There is more to Pakistan’s growing market than meets the eye

With the eclipse of American military aid and the arrival of Chinese infrastructural support, a new era of economic development seems to be emerging in Pakistan.

/ December 25, 2016
Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence going to bring about an economic disruption?

With the advent of artificial intelligence, the phenomenon of 'capitology' might become the reason for the oust of humans from their own economy.

/ December 14, 2016

Can Italy Survive the Fall?

Will Italy's economy end up in a similar situation to that of Greece?

/ December 6, 2016
Indian Currency

Black, white or grey money – What is the future of Indian currency?

There has been much hullabaloo about demonetization, but will it prove to be effective as a stand alone policy measure?

/ November 27, 2016

The truth about Austerity: Spending less costs more

Traditionally, austerity measures have been seen as a solution to excessive debt-induced economic crisis. But do they do more harm to an economy than good?

/ November 22, 2016

What can we expect from the new President?

The Trump Ascendancy: What do we make of it?

/ November 11, 2016

Cricket has come a long way. It all started with Kerry Packer

A peek into the history of cricket and transitions that the sport has faced with time.

/ November 11, 2016

Ran out of Rs. 100 notes? Here’s why credit is going to bail you out

Credit runs the world more than money. Thus, withdrawal of Indian currency notes from circulation will not disrupt Indian economy.

/ November 9, 2016
Central Bank

Here’s why economists favour central bank independence

The concept of independence is dynamic, which evolves with time and needs, irrespective of whether it is a society or a central bank.

/ November 9, 2016
For literally millions of girls like Rekha, child marriage violates their human rights.

This is what thousands of child brides have to say to us

All of us need to join hands to fight back against child marriage, to give back to children, their choices, their dreams, their futures and their childhoods.

/ November 7, 2016
Any service that uses information technology inherits all the productivity growth of information technology.

Why it’s urgent to respond to India’s vital signs

The way forward for Indian economy. How can we learn from global economic fiascos?

/ October 15, 2016

The Swings in the Great British Pound Post-Brexit

Can you catch the falling pound?

/ October 14, 2016
South Asian

Why is Pakistan at the Bottom of the SAARC Ladder?

While South Asian economies are set to grow more quickly than China, Pakistan loses its sheen on multiple accounts.

/ October 8, 2016
Tax Cuts Stimulus for the Economy?

Tax Cuts: Stimulus for the Economy?

Do tax cuts reduce tax revenue? It depends on the tax rate. People refuse to pay taxes, when tax rates are exorbitant.

/ October 7, 2016