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Students protesting in South Africa

Nigeria’s struggles reflect how politicisation of academia affects academic standards

Students in South Africa are protesting to decrease the education fees. What happens with the potent mixture of student and politics?

/ December 26, 2016

Pragmatic Reservations: The mantra for a just society

Affirmative actions on the reservations issues: Bitter pills for a healthy society.

/ December 17, 2016
Youth of Egypt looking at the dismal future

No hope for the youth of Egypt?

Hope for better education system for youth along with sugar in Egypt is currently short in supply.

/ December 16, 2016
Rising Education Expensess

Worried about rising expenses on education? Go smart with investment plans

Education costs in India are sky-rocketing. Term plans are one of the ways to meet them. To know the other options, read on!

/ November 25, 2016
VET- Vocational education and training

From school to work – How does Vocational Education and Training lend a hand?

Vocational education and training (VET) is of great help in providing better schooling and work opportunities for low-proficiency students.

/ November 20, 2016

Studying the education system, one page at a time

While we are still struggling to provide education to children, is it right to quantify it in terms of infrastructure and enrollment?

/ November 6, 2016

Why all languages deserve a script

India has over 1600 languages, but very few of them can be written. With no particular script of their own, these languages and their speakers remain buried in remote corners.

/ October 20, 2016

Donate to Schools or Sell for Scrap? Parrikar has a Tough Call

The author explains how the utility of a phased out fighter plane for education purposes can be beneficial.

/ October 7, 2016
India's New Higher Education Policy

Higher Education Policy in India: Third Time’s the Charm?

India has been striving towards bringing a better education to its massive population but will a new policy really solve the unemployment problem plaguing the country?

/ September 11, 2016

Are We Training Our Trainers Enough?

The author highlights the significance of assessing the quality of teacher education enterprise while focussing on our educational reforms.

/ September 5, 2016
The need for the initiatives would become clear if one has a basic idea of how these assignments will help in education.

The Progressive Paradigm of Education

In this article, Azim Premji Foundation focuses on the concern about the actual idea behind assignments, in the ever changing paradigm of education.

/ August 8, 2016
Human Capital

India’s Human Capital: The Biggest Deficit of All?

The article analyzes India's performance in human capital utilization as compared to global standards, and stresses on the reforms needed for improvement.

/ July 7, 2016
improving indian education

Mapping Education From Millimeters to Kilometers

Does Indian education need to be altered for good? If so, what would it be its impact on society? Discover here.

/ June 16, 2016

Towards a New Arab Spring?

A fresh take on the Arab Spring — analyzing the social, economical and educational development in the Middle-Eastern countries and its future scope.

India’s higher education revolution?

This article looks education system in India, particularly at a higher level and also poses a question that has it changed immensely from the past?

/ December 30, 2015

Creating Scaleable Innovations to Help the Poor

The article discusses human capital investment, in terms of traditional education for the poor, to further uplift and secure their futures.

/ September 29, 2015

Why Strike? Because The FTII Now Lacks Competence

The article is about the controversial appointment of the FTII head.

/ July 20, 2015

Should Higher Education Be Made Free?

This debate on higher education has been going on since forever and none of the views can be considered wrong. The author puts forth the economic costs and impact of...

Future in Crisis

With a number of government schemes being rolled out, the developing India is far from seen. The state isn't changing. the question is, Why?

Crippling Illiteracy

The author explains how Massive Open Online Courses( MOOC) can help reduce illiteracy without creating physical infrastructure.

The ‘Right’ to Education

The author says how proper implementation of various legislations through community participation can ensure higher literacy rates for India.

To Drop Or Not

The article attempts to assuage the doubts and hesitancy directed towards the trend of dropping a year after the entrance exams to perform better next year.

Here’s What We Can Do To Rejuvenate India’s Education System

The article highlights the lack-lustre quality of the Indian education system and suggests remedies to provide holistic development of students, instead.

Education in India in the Digital Era

The digital world has transformed the way education is perceived. With online courses becoming popular, the Indian education industry awaits a new future.

Research in India – The Unheeded Realm

The article discusses the lack of scope and prospects in the field of research in India.

The Undergraduate Experience – USA, UK or India?

The writer provides a comprehensive analysis of pursuing undergraduate course after schooling in India, the US and the UK.

That Dilemma We Call ‘ Education’

Education in India has come to be chained merely to degrees and marks. But the writer, through this article, tells us how it is much more than that.

Education – An Equal Right?

The author focusses on the financial burden incurred by the families because of the current education policy and suggests the legalisation of 'Home Schooling' as an alternative.


The author describes ways in finding solution to every problem, the most important step being to identify the problem.

Not Letting Schools Stand in the Way of True Education

The author discusses the responsibility of schools to impart true education to its pupils, rather than just displaying their academic prowess.