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Climate saving, solar panel apartment

How to address climate change? Start by innovating buildings

The not so known bio-climatic architectural designs of buildings -Increasing life of our planet, since 20th century.

/ December 30, 2016
Oil Train

Trump’s self-sufficiency energy policy – A threat for rest of the world

US independence from OPEC may disturb oil market due to reallocation of imports and increase in oil production, but is this really a problem for OPEC?

/ December 15, 2016

Can energy equality improve India’s human development index?

Energy equality is an important condition for achieving the goal of an equitable society. But, is energy equality sufficient alone?

/ December 11, 2016

Why there is nothing bigger than Mexico when it comes to oil and gas right now

Mexico's denationalisation of oil sector has attracted enormous interest from investors and is proving to be the right way towards fostering partnerships.

/ December 11, 2016

How Mexico’s oil reform will be a big game changer

With the new oil reform in Mexico that ends a 75 year monopoly, Mexico is all set to build its energy industry and maximize oil and gas revenue.

/ December 10, 2016

Can the Paris Agreement guarantee a solution to climate change?

Can the Paris Agreement reach its target of large and sustained emission reductions?

/ December 9, 2016
Oil trade between China and Russia

The energy rapport between China and Russia

Will the Bear and the Dragon script a turnaround for themselves?

/ October 28, 2016

Energy Supply: Adequate Yet Inadequate?

Based on a survey on energy access in six energy-poor states in north India, this article finds that although domestic electricity connections in rural areas have increased rapidly, quality of supply...

/ October 5, 2016

Does India Really Need More Coal?

Should India curtail its dependence on coal for energy or power? The writers discuss the current state of India's coal industry and question the goal of higher coal output.

/ September 22, 2016

Can Nuclear Energy Redeem Itself in Australia?

The article explains Australia's struggle in push for investment in nuclear energy and also outlines the possibilities, concerns and various benefits.

Nuclear Energy – The Trojan horse

The article is about use of Nuclear Energy and the problems that it carries with it which can either lead to our demise or can serve as our symbol of...


Shale Gas – Demystifying the Prospects and Challenges for India!

The author through this article presents his study on the prospects and challenges for large scale usage of shale gas in India.

India’s Energy Security – Why a Distant Dream?

With politics of reform and gamble in international affairs over ownership of resources , will India ever have energy security ?