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Apple denied “special status” in India

Denying special status to Apple is a display of the government's intention to prioritize a level playing field in India.

/ January 9, 2017

Pseudo Feminism All Around

The author states how the meaning of word feminism has been misinterpreted as benefits for women as against its actual meaning of equality.

Women Need Feminism, and So Do Men

The author explains how feminism is an issue relating to humanity and how both men and women need it.

Are you aware of your rights?!

The author states that rights empower a person and that it is the duty of every citizen to exercise his or her right.

Feminism for Everyone!

The article focuses on the idea of feminism and promotes this ideology for all.

Dulling the Spectrum: Challenging Heteronormativity

In this article the author discusses the struggle for recognition and equality of the homosexual community and the advocates the idea of Heteronormativity.