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Apple denied “special status” in India

Denying special status to Apple is a display of the government's intention to prioritize a level playing field in India.

/ January 9, 2017

FDI in aviation sector: A Bon Voyage or Just a Mirage?

The author discusses the introduction of FDI into the aviation sector. He analyses the pros and cons with the entry of FDI in this sector.

The FDI Conundrum in India

The author discusses the FDI conundrum in India.

FDI in Multi-Brand Retail – Schumpeter v/s Marx?

In this article, the writer takes it upon himself to tell the reader all they need to know about FDI in multi-brand retail, and its possible pros and cons.

Impact of Foreign Investment on Domestic Revenue

With the rise in foreign investment, we need to study the impact of of foreign direct investment, foreign portfolio investment and short term lending on it.

The moral of the Indian FDI story

FDI is not a magic wand. Due to red tape and bureaucracy in government sectors, materialisation of investment due to FDI hasn't been possible.