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voting machines and voter integrity

Government rejects plan to better protect voter integrity

The government decides to reject a voting mechanism that would protect information relating to region-wise voting patterns. What does it mean for electoral democracy in India?

/ February 23, 2017

The GST faces another roadblock: Who will claim the revenues from sea-based activities?

With coastal states stepping up their protest against the Centre's proposal to tax sea-based activities, the GST faces yet another roadblock.

/ February 23, 2017
Girl with no education

Ugliness in education: Misogyny in Maharashtrian textbooks

What does the sorry state of educational material prescribed by State governments in India mean for a country that is poised to have the youngest population in the world?

/ February 9, 2017
the Edelman Barometer and India

How do we explain the blind trust of Indians on the government?

Edelman's survey quantifies the environment of distrust between the government and its masses. With increasing populism, India's role in this narrative becomes worrying.

/ January 20, 2017

Is the government paving way for startups?

Is it 'acche din' for budding entrepreneurs? How income tax exemption will help startups in India, which is the youngest startup nation.

/ January 7, 2017
Despite the upturn in the global market, many coconut farmers remain insufficiently organised, and investment in coconut research is incredibly scarce.

Coconuts may become rare for your daily diet

Coconut water brands will make billions if coconuts are plentiful and diverse. Securing its future must be a priority for everyone who farms, eats and profits from coconuts.

/ December 27, 2016

Does ‘Jan Jan ki Baat’ truly reflect public opinion?

Even though the Indian government would like its citizenry to believe otherwise, there is an immense gap in the communication between the two.

/ December 12, 2016

Identities for migrants: Information Technology is key

Migrants registration infrastructure can co-produce citizens, institutions and territory; and can be extremely helpful in normalising them into society.

/ November 21, 2016

Tera India, Mera India: The new nationalist way of using armed forces & police as a shield

Using emotions to silence the curiosity of the people, the new nationalist solution uses the armed forces as their shields.

/ November 14, 2016

Do we really need Inflation Targeting?

ls Inflation Fixation Really Helpful or just a bait?

/ November 6, 2016
Those who suggested departing from the union were threatened that they’d be shut out of EU trade and destroyed economically.

Is the European Union going the Titanic way?

The EU was an “Uber-Government of the political leaders, for the political leaders, by the political leaders", instead of “Government of the people, by the people, for the people".

/ October 30, 2016
Was HC Gupta a victim or a culprit in the coal scam?

Are bureaucrats victims of bureaucracy?

Was a government official part to a seriously flawed process or he abetted wrong decisions on the part of higher-ups?

/ October 16, 2016
Tax Cuts Stimulus for the Economy?

Tax Cuts: Stimulus for the Economy?

Do tax cuts reduce tax revenue? It depends on the tax rate. People refuse to pay taxes, when tax rates are exorbitant.

/ October 7, 2016

The Need for ‘Less-Cash’ Society

The author makes a serious case for phasing out the bulk of paper currency, particularly large denomination notes.

/ September 24, 2016
After scholars leave government these academics will usually spend time trying to justify the policies they supported while working there.

Voice Box of the Rulers

The academics who join government abandon their commitment to the truth for being a voice box of the rulers.

/ September 21, 2016
India's geographical location allows it to exploit energy sources like solar, wind as well as tidal, effectively and efficiently.

Has India dodged the Scylla, escaped the Charybdis?

While becoming the next superpower is a distant dream, India becoming a strong leader amidst emerging markets does seem inevitable.

/ September 17, 2016
Business Reality in West Bengal

The Unspoken Story of West Bengal

Why 11 digit investments are required for a debt-ridden yet abundantly endowed West Bengal state having higher than national average scores in key areas.

/ September 14, 2016

GDP As a Growth Indicator: Keeping Truth Under Wraps?

The paucity of economic literacy in India coupled with the disillusionment associated with GDP, call for an immediate shift of focus to other social indicators as a metric for growth.

/ September 12, 2016
Education sector is the second largest industry in India with a size of nearly $110 billion in 2015.

Education and Business: Two Sides of A Coin

India, being the world's largest student population hub can highly benefit from private players getting into the education industry which would stimulate employment and foster economic development of India.

/ August 31, 2016
Impact of GST on government budget

The GST Conundrum

Unlike the general frenzied coverage of GST's impact on Indian consumers, this article explores its effect on the government budget.

/ August 19, 2016

Whirlpool in the Backwaters of Kerala?

While all the states have conceded to a uniform goods and services tax bill, the author takes a closer look at the future that awaits Kerala post its implementation.

/ August 17, 2016
The government focuses on standing plantations which increase the green cover but not the forest cover.

Afforestation or Mere Greenwash?

Highlighting the government's step towards easing forest clearances, the author opines that the compensatory afforestation needs to base its value on long-term biodiversity conservation.

/ August 8, 2016

Divergence in the Drug Businesses: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The growth of the pharmaceutical industry has always been on an upward trajectory. Learn how it incorporated pharmacy and biotechnology.

/ July 29, 2016
health care

Government and Universal Health Care, Any Match?

In this article, the author questions need for public intervention to provide healthcare for all.

/ June 30, 2016
Developments in Uttar Pradesh

10 Developments in Uttar Pradesh That Depict the Massive Progress Under Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav

Uttar Pradesh scaling new heights in avenues like women empowerment, health, modern technology, etc., under the capable leadership of CM Akhilesh Yadav.

/ June 28, 2016
We Need Strict Rule of Law, Not a Diet Plan

We Need Strict Rule of Law, Not a Diet Plan

The author focuses on the issue of beef ban in India and the need to have a strict rule of law in this regard.

Surviving in spite of the State's indifference

Surviving Without the State

Imagine if the State refuses to act and decides not to provide public goods. Is it the end of the road? Or is there a way out?

/ June 11, 2016

Thank You, Minimum Wage!

The author focuses on the downside effect of the minimum wage policy and how it has hurt those who should have been benefiting out of it.

/ June 7, 2016

If Liberty is a Crime, Then Arrest Me!

The author speaks on how civil liberties are restrained when a state infringes a law to enforce it; and highlights the right of the people to challenge it.

Greenery in India

Painting the Town Green?

The article details the current developments towards Environmental Protection in India, and the steps taken by the Government in combating climate change.