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When people join the military, they commit themselves to follow their government’s decisions. What should soldiers do in a war that ought not to be fought?

With the right regulations, based on the tenets of transparency and accountability, lobbying can be a means for India to move towards more participatory democracy.

India is a great and ambitious nation but it still has a lot to fulfill in terms of its economy and public welfare; here are certain tips which our nation can resort to, to bring about successful implementation of its policies.

By Anam Naqvi A nation is shaped by a certain narrative — how it came to be what it is today, what values and beliefs its people hold and cherish, and how it is portrayed. Education has a vital role in shaping this narrative and in moulding people’s attitudes,

The EU was an “Uber-Government of the political leaders, for the political leaders, by the political leaders", instead of “Government of the people, by the people, for the people".

The academics who join government abandon their commitment to the truth for being a voice box of the rulers.

Why 11 digit investments are required for a debt-ridden yet abundantly endowed West Bengal state having higher than national average scores in key areas.

India, being the world's largest student population hub can highly benefit from private players getting into the education industry which would stimulate employment and foster economic development of India.

Unlike the general frenzied coverage of GST's impact on Indian consumers, this article explores its effect on the government budget.

While all the states have conceded to a uniform goods and services tax bill, the author takes a closer look at the future that awaits Kerala post its implementation.