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A speedy recovery of UK housing market. A strong job market. Growth in exports buoyed by a weaker pound. The author believes that these factors are setting a perfect stage for Bank of England to end quantitative easing.

Will Bitcoin be successful in ending the Fed's monoply on money supply? Can this block chain technology create a new opportunity to choose our own money?

With special reference to the problems associated with the alternatives to 'crazy' policy, the author explains how Helicopter Money policy has been inevitably accepted as the new normal and defines it as the replacement of 'extreme' (QE) by 'crazy' (Helicopter Money) for the tag

With the Indian Economy experiencing high inflation and low growth the debt profile of the country has been damaged. A series of changes are required.

By Pratik Das, studies what all the government has by far done to reduce infation and its impact and suggests what exactly can be done to get out of it.