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Demonetization: Has the government unleashed a ‘demon’?

The decision of the government to demonetize the currency has come under great fire. The resultant havoc has only brought suffering so far. Is it all really worth it?

/ November 27, 2016
black money

How can the ban on currency notes affect the Indian economy?

The positive implications of banning notes of 500 and 1000 are many. However, we need a continuum of measures to curtail the black money market.

/ November 14, 2016
Savings need to be smart to be actually profitable.

Watch your money grow! Don’t let it die in a savings account

Save a buck now for a rainy day in future. But with inflation rates often playing spoilsport, there is a need to explore other avenues of smart investment.

/ November 3, 2016
Bitcoins: A bubble about to burst?

Is Bitcoin a bubble resting on another bubble?

Economists are still apprehensive about the usage of Bitcoin. With volatile laws governing the exchange of cash or currency in any form, is the Bitcoin trend a bubble?

/ November 2, 2016

U.S Elections 2016: Where can Investors Find Potential Opportunities?

This US election will be historic, but the long-term implications of either Clinton or Trump winning will probably have less of an impact than many market participants are anticipating.

/ October 9, 2016

The Venezuelan Crisis: From Boom To Bust

When the inflation is soaring so high, there are umpteen number of problems which Venezuela has to combat. But amidst the darkness will it find a silver lining?

/ October 6, 2016

Inflation and GDP – A Complicated Relationship (Part II)

This articles provides certain examples to show how monetary policy affects the GDP and inflation figures and in turn its effect on the economy.

/ September 4, 2016

Inflation and GDP – A Complicated Relationship (Part I)

The author explores the love hate relationship of a country's GDP with the inflation rate and analyzes the finer intricacies at depth.

/ September 4, 2016
How long can Bank of England afford to keep its Dovish stance?

Will Bank of England Stick to Its Dovish Stance?

A speedy recovery of UK housing market. A strong job market. Growth in exports buoyed by a weaker pound. The author believes that these factors are setting a perfect stage...

/ September 3, 2016
Bracing Ourselves for Bitcoin

Bracing Ourselves for Bitcoin

Will Bitcoin be successful in ending the Fed's monoply on money supply? Can this block chain technology create a new opportunity to choose our own money?

/ September 1, 2016

Inflation, Deflation and Investing

The author provides us with an illustration on the concept of inflation and the relation between the former and stocks.

/ August 20, 2016

Helicopter Money – When Crazy becomes Normal (Part 3)

With special reference to the problems associated with the alternatives to 'crazy' policy, the author explains how Helicopter Money policy has been inevitably accepted as the new normal and defines...

‘Greedy speculators’ don’t cause inflation, but greedy princes do  

The author in this article discusses about the economic theories on inflation and other factors put forward by various economists for the economic development.

/ October 6, 2015

Japan Recession 2014: Why Abenomics isn’t working?

The author explains how devaluation of Japanese Yen will increase exports and thus the GDP, but will reduce the purchasing power of Yen.

Understanding Food Inflation in India: Why Policymakers Fail?

This article gives us an insight into the impact of inflation on the society as a whole. Food inflation is talk about in more detail.

Raghuram Rajan: The Man who redefined Central Banking in India

“Change is risky but not changing is even riskier”. These words marked the entry of the man so charismatic and able, who offered India, respite from a long inflationary spell.

Critical Analysis of Deflation

How different is deflation from inflation? Is it good for an economy?

The Rising Prices in the Falling Country

The article questions the growth experienced in India vis-a-vi the living standards of the people.

Success in Inflation control by NDA

The author talks about the surging Inflation and in order to control the inflation how the NDA government invigorate the lives of many.

Inflation: India’s Biggest Challenge

The article discusses the biggest economic challenge of inflation that the new government has to face.

Economics’ Definitions according to Indian Paradigms (spoof)

The author states that economics has many definitions in India and how it is overshadowed by politics and nepotism.

Will Narendra Modi Be Able to Curb the Menace of Inflation?

The author discusses the ever-increasing menace of inflation in India, its root causes and a possible solution in the form of the BJP regime.

Identifying Inflation in India: An Autoregressive Analysis

The authors have critically analyzed every aspect of the steadily increasing inflation n India during the last decade.

Food Inflation: A Stubborn Sore in the Indian Economy

The article analyzes the policies issued by the Finance Ministry, which attempt to precariously balance food prices at the tipping point. However, the success of these policies remains evasive.

RBI and INFLATION: The Chase Begins…

The writer throws light on the Urjit Patel Committee set up to revise the monetary policy and the challenges that lie ahead of RBI regarding inflation.

Unhealthy Indian Economy

With the Indian Economy experiencing high inflation and low growth the debt profile of the country has been damaged. A series of changes are required.

More done than left to be done?

By Pratik Das, studies what all the government has by far done to reduce infation and its impact and suggests what exactly can be done to get out of it.

Raghuram Rajan cocks the revolver, takes aim, but doesn’t shoot- Breaking down RBI’s mid-quarter monetary policy review December 2013

By Akhil Raj Gupta, critically analyses the steps taken by the RBI to control inflation and further suggests what measures to be taken to rise above it.

How much your Rupee actually is?

By Pratik Das, discusses how inflation over the years has led to the devaluation of rupee henceforth reducing the purchasing power of the people.

‘Can India avoid a relapse into the 1991 crisis in 2014?’

By Antara Desai and Rohit Deshpande, talk about how inflation is worsening the economic situation and what should the govt do to improve the situation.