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Arun Jaitley ready for the budget

Challenges to the Union Budget 2017

The upcoming Union Budget poses some unique challenges for the Finance Minister. Will he choose to ride the wave of populism?

/ January 13, 2017
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Pakistan’s economic dream run: What does the future look like?

Pakistan's poised for a great economic leap ushered in by the CPEC corridor, improved public services, a young workforce and better investment potential.

/ December 30, 2016
Despite the upturn in the global market, many coconut farmers remain insufficiently organised, and investment in coconut research is incredibly scarce.

Coconuts may become rare for your daily diet

Coconut water brands will make billions if coconuts are plentiful and diverse. Securing its future must be a priority for everyone who farms, eats and profits from coconuts.

/ December 27, 2016
Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds are an evolution of balanced funds.

Dynamic asset allocation funds – a safer bet?

In a volatile market scenario, dynamic asset allocation funds provide the flexibility to gain maximum profits with minimal risks.

/ November 4, 2016

Can Africa feed the world?

While Africa combats malnourishment itself, can it feed the rest of the world?

/ October 14, 2016
Adding MOS to the investment process adds a constraint and every constraint creates a cost.

Is Margin of Safety the Best Measure for Risk Assessment?

To integrate MOS into the investment process, we need to recognize its place in the process and its limitations.

/ September 30, 2016
Reading Into the Renaissance

Reading Into the Renaissance

Renaissance has much to teach us humans about everyday life, not least in the field of investments and valuations. The writer tells us how.

/ September 13, 2016
Education sector is the second largest industry in India with a size of nearly $110 billion in 2015.

Education and Business: Two Sides of A Coin

India, being the world's largest student population hub can highly benefit from private players getting into the education industry which would stimulate employment and foster economic development of India.

/ August 31, 2016
Buffett's Investment Strategy

Be Like Buffett

All is not what it seems in the world of investments and number crunching. There maybe certain underlying tones to Buffett's continued success, as is explained by the author.

/ August 24, 2016

With Illiquidity, the Glass Always Remains Half Full

Highlighting an optimistic view on illiquidity, the author throws light on how potential illiquidity is not all bad news for investors.

/ August 21, 2016

Spread your Bets or Stay in Line?

Taking a measured risk and diversifying your portfolio is the key to profits. This article aims to answer the question: How much diversification is too much?

/ August 9, 2016
Market sentiments

An Insight into Modi Governance: Sentiments & Market

Till what extent does the market fluctuate due to business sentiments? The author takes a closer look at the Modi effect on the Indian economy.

/ August 3, 2016
maternity entitlements

Investing in the Cycle of Life

The authors discuss the impact of maternity entitlements on the productivity of future and current generations.

/ July 20, 2016
London Bridge

The London Bridge has Fallen Down

Enumerating the after-effects of Brexit, the article further highlights the volatile nature of Britain's future and the dent created in the value of pound.

/ July 19, 2016
US Presidential Elections

Hillary, Trump and Investment Strategies

The US Presidential Elections will hugely impact the global markets. Here's an analysis of the effects of a Trump or a Hillary win on investment strategies.

/ June 18, 2016
Life Insurance

5 Myths About Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, avoid being deluded and choose the plan you actually need. In this article, we bust five popular life insurance myths.

/ May 23, 2016

A Tale of Banking Decisions Gone Awry

This article explains the author's take on the economic bubble that is created in India due to the huge amount of bad loans or investments by public sector banks.

Flexible SME Loans Set to Boost Growth

This article explains the significance of SMEs in India, and the need to finance them to achieve a high growth rate.

/ May 21, 2016

Resurgent Uttar Pradesh on its path to growth

The article analyses the increasing growth rate of the Uttar Pradesh economy

/ March 29, 2016

Chinese Whispers: The Tale of China’s Economy Gone Wrong

The article discusses the genesis of the problems associated with Chinese growth, how they have propagated and how they can be monitored.

/ February 7, 2016

One Size Does Not Fit All

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan is one such product that helps one to fulfil both insurance and investment objectives at the same time.

/ February 5, 2016

The way forward for Indo-Chinese trade relations and how can India benefit?

India and China share a very healthy trade relationship. How can India benefit from this?

/ December 31, 2015

Critical Analysis of Deflation

How different is deflation from inflation? Is it good for an economy?

Overview: Indian Economy

This article summarizes the achievements of Indian economy as a whole after PM Modi came to power. How far is India from becoming a global power?

Demystifying Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

REITS is a real estate equivalent of mutual funds and tries to ensures a stable and profitable return on an investment.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Angel Investing

The article provides a lucid explanation about angel investing, exploring its many facets in an objective light.

Negative impact of External Finance in India

The author tries to explain how foreign finance is actually paralyzing certain sectors of the economic structure of India.

Three Types of Investments

The author tries to guide for effective investments by giving insights into the most popular forms of assets necessary to consider before investing.

3 Serious Investment Hurdles and How to Overcome Them?

The author concisely describes three serious investment hurdles and suggests strategic measures to overcome them.