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The biggest issue in Kashmir is no longer the ‘Kashmir issue’

The harrowing plight of women in Kashmir should not get lost amidst the bullets and pellets.

/ January 11, 2017

It’s time we stopped underplaying the nuclear threat

Is Pakistan’s pathological obsession regarding Kashmir, terrorism and nuclear attack with India at the heart of all the problems between the two nations?

/ October 19, 2016

Reviving Counter-Insurgency, Fighting Militancy

In light of the uncontrolled insurgency in Kashmir, the author opines that the time is nigh for the rise of a counter-insurgency group like Kuka Parrey.

/ August 27, 2016
Heroin Problem

The Night is Dark and Full of Poppies

The author throws light on the rising heroin problem in India.

/ July 15, 2016


Is it necessary to be choose nationalism over brotherhood? Are physical boundaries and place of origin greaater than humanity? Here is a fresh take on this topic.

India – Pakistan: Seven Decades Hence

Will the sense of universal brotherhood overpower the feeling of nationalism? Will the Indo - Pak bond rise above political and cultural borders.

Haider — The War Within

Inspired from the separatist militancy phase of Kashmir in 1995 and modern-day war strategies, comes the heart-wrenching story of Haider.

Climatic Catastrophe in the Disputed Territory: Paradise Lost

The article describes the utter havoc created by the recent floods in Kashmir to its tourism, transport, trade, infrastructure and human lives.

Growth of Regional Parties in India – Its Implications and Challenges

The article explains the history and relevance of the increasing number of regional parties in the multi-lingual India, which is a sign of democracy.

To Opine or Not To Opine

The article expresses an interesting take on the formation and proclamation of opinions and transcend to muse on how a discussion might do well to conclude in dissonance rather than...

Distorting A Narrative: A Rejoinder to Basharat Ali’s Piece in the Pakistani Media about the Episode Concerning Kashmiri Students in Meerut

The author through this article seeks to provide a rebuttal to Basharat Ali regarding the episode concerning Kashmiri students cheering for Pakistan in Meerut.

Analysing Prashant Bhushan’s Views on the Kashmir Issue

Talks about the Prashant Bhushan's suggestion for a referendum in Kashmir for military presence and the intolerance among the secularists around it

Kashmir Through the Eyes of Shahid Ali

Shahid Ali carries in his memory the Kashmir that no longer exists, and the fear that on his return he will find an unrecognizable Kashmir.

We Want Cameron To Apologize; Will The Indian State Apologize For Its Own Crimes? (by Karmanye Thadani)

We as Indians want David Cameron to apologise for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre but is the Indian state ready to apologise for its own crimes in Kashmir ?

AFSPA – A controversial anti-terror law

The opinions of various institutions and officials is divided on the AFSPA. It is often argued whether it should be revoked or not.

I don’t know Afzal

I never knew Afzal Guru, personally. I never met him. There are no reasons that I should have met him. But, when he was hanged yesterday, in a surprising move,...

Muslim Extremism in Kashmir and Whether an independent Kashmir can be Truly Secular: An Issue Revisited in the Light of the Girls’ Rock Band Controversy (by Karmanye Thadani)

Many liberals in India viewed the girls’ rock-band in Kashmir suspending its activities as yet another example of the power of moral and religious policing in our country. I too...

An Open Letter to President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan (by Karmanye Thadani)

A piece slamming Zardari for his UN speech and Rehman Malik for inviting Shahrukh to live in Pakistan.