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The author compares the actual and claimed rate of success by the Modi government, directly referencing to the speech given on the 70th Independence day of India.

The writer talks of how the upthrust in the Indian markets with the Modi Government's coming to power has made mutual funds a lucrative proposition for people to make money.

One of the many major projects that the Modi government has started, the most look out of all, the one that is being scrutinized at every step, thats the 'Make in India' campaign.

The author explains how the vibrant gujarat summit is a place for confluence of ideas and how it helped restore investor confidence to power gujarat to the top as the global finance centre in india.

The author explains how the battle for Delhi is battle of AAP's credibility against BJP's rolling juggernaut.

This author explains how this act will help reduce the rural - urban divide and result in India being a less urban centric economy.

The author explains how the NITI Aayog is different in structure , functioning and composition from the erstwhile Planning Commission and how it performs more of an advisory role.

The selection process for Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award needs a change, but it is by no means, a disrespect to personalities who have been conferred the award.

The author explains how the NDFB was successful in spreading unrest in Kokrajhar to fulfil their wishful demand of a separate land.

The author urges the people to stop trivialising things and asks them to embrace the idea of unity in diversity.