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Critiquing the Budget: Why the hype is not justified

The hype around the budget is surprising. However, in allocations, and in efforts to improve the structure, the budget hardly provides a unique stance.

/ February 10, 2017
Hafiz Saeed: Pakistan’s ten–million–dollar question

Hafiz Saeed: Pakistan’s ten–million–dollar question

Is Pakistan getting serious about tackling terrorism or is it a ploy to appease the new US Administration?

/ February 3, 2017

Goods and Services Tax: A four-step climb

The government has taken concrete decisions, finalising issues pertaining to the Goods and Service Tax in the meeting conducted on 16th January.

/ February 2, 2017

Trump and India: What can we expect in the economic domain?

With massive dichotomy in public opinion, how far is it possible to predict Trump's impact on India?

/ January 10, 2017

This is why America voted for Trump after all

Politics and political ideological beliefs are changing. People don't want the sweet, smooth talking politician anymore. They want the 'truth'.

/ November 17, 2016

India: A Potemkin Village?

The author compares the actual and claimed rate of success by the Modi government, directly referencing to the speech given on the 70th Independence day of India.

/ August 25, 2016
Cleanliness in India

Modi Sarkar, How ‘Swachh’ Is Our Bharat?

The authors analyze the various developments that have taken place in the sphere of environmental regulations, since the BJP Government came to power.

A Bullish Out-take on the Indian Economy

The writer talks of how the upthrust in the Indian markets with the Modi Government's coming to power has made mutual funds a lucrative proposition for people to make money.

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and Beyond: A Critical Appraisal

The author through this article talks about the feats and defeats of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.

/ August 5, 2015

After 1 year Has the Modi Government Really Brought in “Ache Din”?

The article talks about the past year's performance of the Narendra Modi government at the centre.

A Close Look at “Make In India”

One of the many major projects that the Modi government has started, the most look out of all, the one that is being scrutinized at every step, thats the 'Make...

Will The Niti Aayog Change The Government’s ‘niyat’?

A major change that the new government brought about is eliminating the Planing commission and establishing Niti Aayog. Here's all you need to know about it.

The Spread of Communalism: Are We Progressing or Regressing?

The author explains how irresponsible comments by various MP's and religious leaders are spewing venom thereby creating hatred and mistrust among the people.

Thumbs Up for Gujarat

The author explains how the vibrant gujarat summit is a place for confluence of ideas and how it helped restore investor confidence to power gujarat to the top as the...

BJP v/s AAP: Delhi Polls

The author explains how the battle for Delhi is battle of AAP's credibility against BJP's rolling juggernaut.

Acquiescence to Acquisition

This author explains how this act will help reduce the rural - urban divide and result in India being a less urban centric economy.

It’s not Old Wine in a New Bottle

The author explains how the NITI Aayog is different in structure , functioning and composition from the erstwhile Planning Commission and how it performs more of an advisory role.

NITI Aayog: The New Planning Commission

The author states how the NITI Aayog will be a forum where leaders from India's 29 states and 7 union territories will discuss various issues and ideas.

2014 in Perspective: The World Chants ‘NaMo’

The author states how various challenges posed by ISIS, European slowdown can be solved through strong foreign policy initiatives and cordial diplomatic relations.

Needless clamour over Bharat Ratna

The selection process for Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award needs a change, but it is by no means, a disrespect to personalities who have been conferred the award.

India’s ‘Neighbourhood- First’ Approach

The author states how the BJP led Government's policy of maintaining cordial relations with various countries in its neighbourhood will help India go on from strength to strength.

‘Tis the Year of Joy: The MII and GST of 2015

The author states how Make in India and GST are the two big things that India is looking forward to in 2015.

Implementing GST: Doing a good service to India or not?

The author explains that GST will eliminate double taxation and improve GDP ; but the rate of GST in mid 20's is the bone of contention

Who was the Target?

The author explains how the NDFB was successful in spreading unrest in Kokrajhar to fulfil their wishful demand of a separate land.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan:A Critical Appraisal

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan must rise above photo optics and must solve problems related to environment pollution, Animal rights , Sewage systems.

Seeking A Ban on PK

The author urges the people to stop trivialising things and asks them to embrace the idea of unity in diversity.

Healthcare in India: We Need To Get Our Priorities Straight!

'Education and healthcare' is the answer to what is the backbone of any economy'. The author chalks out various policies to be implemented to improve the functioning of the healthcare...

India – Pakistan: Seven Decades Hence

Will the sense of universal brotherhood overpower the feeling of nationalism? Will the Indo - Pak bond rise above political and cultural borders.

Understanding Food Inflation in India: Why Policymakers Fail?

This article gives us an insight into the impact of inflation on the society as a whole. Food inflation is talk about in more detail.

Raghuram Rajan: The Man who redefined Central Banking in India

“Change is risky but not changing is even riskier”. These words marked the entry of the man so charismatic and able, who offered India, respite from a long inflationary spell.