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Despite his questionable political past, Modi swept the stage in the 2014 general elections. The author explores the carefully orchestrated campaign strategies that led to this success.

The Congress has long been sleeping while the BJP has managed to command a resounding political success. It is time for Congress to actualize its potential as the opposition.

RBI should try redeem its reputation and integrity of being an autonomous monetary organisation before it is too late.

BJP arose victorious in the 2014 Nation wide elections but fell hard in the 2015 Delhi Elections, a strategic capital, against AAP. What went wrong?

WIth incresing political interest and awareness among the people in the recent past, Delhi's upcoming elections have become the talk of the town. The three major Parties are putting in their best foot forward excitment is increasing each day.

With the new government taking on, their actions are towards bringing foreign investment in India and increase its potential. This isn't a piece of cake. We discuss this in detail

The author states how states how various factors like concerns raised by environmentalists , cyclical coal prices can act as thorns in the success of the billion dollar project.

The author explains how the Planning Commission was influenced by Stalin's Soviet Union model with the aim of eradicating poverty.

The author explains that the Government,though directly not behind the ghar wapsi campaign has taken decisions which is creating a feeling of seclusion among the minorities.