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The Citizens' Whistleblowers Forum - tussle with the government?

Moving towards a safer environment for whistleblowers, are we?

Is the newly-created Citizen's Whistleblowers Forum an antidote to the present government's passivity on whistleblower-protection legislation?

/ February 13, 2017

‘NaMo’: The brand behind the man

Despite his questionable political past, Modi swept the stage in the 2014 general elections. The author explores the carefully orchestrated campaign strategies that led to this success.

/ February 12, 2017

As remonetisation gains pace, will the government reverse the fate of the 1000 rupee note?

Is the government not printing new 1000 rupees notes to erase its liability towards public?

/ February 5, 2017
The ailing Congress

Congress and its ailing (op)position

The Congress has long been sleeping while the BJP has managed to command a resounding political success. It is time for Congress to actualize its potential as the opposition.

/ January 31, 2017
To honour our guests – A Republic Day promise

To honour our guests – A Republic Day promise

The hospitality that India has exuded over the years has proven to enhance its cordial relationships with several countries.

/ January 28, 2017
Reserve Bank of India

No saving grace for the RBI?

RBI should try redeem its reputation and integrity of being an autonomous monetary organisation before it is too late.

/ January 19, 2017

India-Kenya ties: What does the future hold?

The Kenyan President's visit to India is an important step towards realizing India's ambitions to foster strategic ties with African countries.

/ January 19, 2017

When Modi ends the new year with a ‘BHIM’ bang

The BHIM app launched by Modi, seems to be an answer to the skeptics questioning India's ability to go cashless.

/ December 31, 2016

Demonetization: Has the government unleashed a ‘demon’?

The decision of the government to demonetize the currency has come under great fire. The resultant havoc has only brought suffering so far. Is it all really worth it?

/ November 27, 2016
While the markets may have fallen in value right now, in the long term, demonetisation is extremely positive news.

What does demonetisation mean to the ‘aam investor’?

Here's how demonetisation has the potential to become the most significant economic decision for the market.

/ November 21, 2016
Modi and Trump

Does Trump still view India as a ‘job-stealer’?

With Donald Trump becoming the newly elected President of the United States , will the US-India ties strengthen or weaken?

/ November 11, 2016
Market sentiments

An Insight into Modi Governance: Sentiments & Market

Till what extent does the market fluctuate due to business sentiments? The author takes a closer look at the Modi effect on the Indian economy.

/ August 3, 2016

Undressing the Incoherence of ‘Modinomics’

The author exposes the chinks in the armour of Modinomics, the much-touted phenomenon that is currently dominating India's economic and socio-political systems.

Is the BJP Breaking Down On Secularism?

RSS has had a strong influence on BJP and its secular stand. How is Secularism affected?

What Went Wrong?

BJP arose victorious in the 2014 Nation wide elections but fell hard in the 2015 Delhi Elections, a strategic capital, against AAP. What went wrong?

Smart cities: Can Technology and Data Transform India?

Smart Cities are one of those things that is on India's to do list. But what exactly do we by the term Smart Cities? We explore this a little further.

Delhi Elections 2015: Chapter 2 Begins

WIth incresing political interest and awareness among the people in the recent past, Delhi's upcoming elections have become the talk of the town. The three major Parties are putting in...

Resistance to Privatization of the Coal Industry: The Response of the Workers

The changing government and private compositions in the Coal Industry created a furor among the workers and forced the government to 'temporarily' change their decision. Will this become Permanent?

Onset of Foreign Investment in India

With the new government taking on, their actions are towards bringing foreign investment in India and increase its potential. This isn't a piece of cake. We discuss this in detail

BUDGET 2015-16 DILEMMA: Push-Spending & Spur – Growth or Meeting Fiscal Targets?

The Budget 2015-16 is going to test the Modi government not only in terms of past performance but strategy planning as well. What choice should be and will be made?

Bring Back the ‘Argumentative Indian’

The author says how the 'Argumentative Indian' prefers creational and non - existent headlines and tends to look over the crux of an issue.

Gautam Adani’s Australian bets

The author states how states how various factors like concerns raised by environmentalists , cyclical coal prices can act as thorns in the success of the billion dollar project.

Modi Era- Demise Of Competitive Politics?

The author states how a weak opposition and a good performance in various states will ensure that BJP remains a dominant force in Indian polity.

Volley Of Ordinances: Constitutional Impropriety Or A Pragmatic Measure

The author states how ordinances are being promulgated in an ad hoc manner without keeping an eye on the long term objectives and solutions.

Niti Ayog: Stalinism to MODI-ism

The author explains how the Planning Commission was influenced by Stalin's Soviet Union model with the aim of eradicating poverty.

2014 in Perspective: The World Chants ‘NaMo’

The author states how various challenges posed by ISIS, European slowdown can be solved through strong foreign policy initiatives and cordial diplomatic relations.

BJP’s Inaction Louder Than Words?

The author explains that the Government,though directly not behind the ghar wapsi campaign has taken decisions which is creating a feeling of seclusion among the minorities.

From Footnote To Forefront: Shaping INDIA- U.S Ties

The author states that strong Indo - U.S ties serve the purpose of subduing China, maintaining a stable balance of power in Asia Pacific region and launching strong counter terrorism...

Economic Impact Of Make In India Campaign

This article gives us a keen peep into the various points put forth by the make in India campaign introduced by Prime Minister Modi.