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Barack Obama

What’s next for Obama’s economic legacy? 

What kind of changes to policies and institutions does the Trump team aim to bring to the status quo?

/ January 22, 2017

On whistle-blowers and their whistles

It is the protection of state secrets versus the transparency of government. How far can government accountability go?

/ January 19, 2017

The First Lady’s last address: Her bequest to the nation

The legacy of Michelle Obama is historical. As the First Lady, her last official words yet again encouraged the people of the United States to embrace diversity with open arms.

/ January 10, 2017

Why is Putin silent to Obama’s recent expulsion of Russian diplomats?

Putin's silence on the recent expulsion of Russian diplomats by the Obama administration might signal a shift in the acrimonious relationship shared by the two. But how?

/ January 5, 2017
America-West Asia

Will West Asia ever be America-free?

Barack Obama had promised to bring the troops back home. Now that he's coming to the end of his Presidency, will America ever exit West-Asia?

/ December 21, 2016

Barack Obama’s Visit To India

The artcile is about Obama's visit to India and how he worships Gandhiji's idealogy and values, he has got embedded to his core.

I Have A Dream; Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

The author says that Martin Luther King believed in loving everyone and also that love could drive away hatred only.

US-Cuban Hot and Cold Relationship

The author explains that despite soured US-Cuban ties, Cuba has done considerably well in terms of economic growth and health care facilities.

Cyber Spying: The need to combat new age espionage

The article talks about USA's stand on cyber security v. cyber privacy, and if India is going the USA way, or not.

The Buck Stops Here: USA’s Anti-Deficiency Act

The article talks about USA's Anti-Deficiency Act and its consequences. It also discusses how this act has affected USA's economy for almost 200 years.