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Can energy equality improve India’s human development index?

Energy equality is an important condition for achieving the goal of an equitable society. But, is energy equality sufficient alone?

/ December 11, 2016

Energy Supply: Adequate Yet Inadequate?

Based on a survey on energy access in six energy-poor states in north India, this article finds that although domestic electricity connections in rural areas have increased rapidly, quality of supply...

/ October 5, 2016

Does Urbanisation Mean the Same as We Know?

The article sheds light on how government definitions of urbanisation are flawed and the way they hamper the basis of important policy formation dependent on the definitions.

/ September 21, 2016
MGNREGA - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

MGNREGA – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The author opines that the validity of opposing perspectives on the effectiveness of MGNREGA scheme arises from its stated objectives.

/ July 7, 2016

Payments Banks: A Tale of 11 Wannabes (Part 1)

By Gaurav Gupta The payments bank space is going to see some hectic activity in 2016, with the 18 month set-up clock already ticking. This new Payments Bank concept is...

/ February 5, 2016

Heavy Dose of Investment to Robust Healthcare

With the ever increasing need to have better healthcare, it has become and should be inevitable for the government to increase investment to manifold quantities.