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U.S President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met during the G20 meeting, discussing Syria and the controversy surrounding Russia's alleged interference in the U.S elections, among other things.

The article highlights the issue of revival of the bilateral rupee-denominated trade between India and Russia after 20 years.

No longer the dominant player in food exports — especially wheat — America stands to lose its economic clout. However, the author explains why this is a good thing.

The author talks about the geopolitical stances adopted by India, right from the Non-Aligned Movement to the various military deals signed with the US and underlines the importance of India learning from it's own past.

The writer highlights how nuclear deterrence could have averted the Ukraine Crisis, wondering whether Asian countries will learn from it and embrace nuclear weapons.

The author explains that despite soured US-Cuban ties, Cuba has done considerably well in terms of economic growth and health care facilities.

In the previous two decades, all Arctic countries- US, Canada, Denmark, Norway and Russia have made claims to regions in the circle beyond their territorial waters. In this case, will Denmark be able to live its arctic dreams.

The immense devaluation of the Rouble had led the economic condition of Russia to suffer. This article suggests ways for the country to get back on track.

The article focuses on if the BRICS Development Bank can overcome the challenge of internal cooperation, it can develop as an alternative to the existing institutions.

The writer tells us how Russia's recent ban of food imports from the EU and USA might completely miss its intended targets, instead backfiring on Putin himself.