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The European implications of renewed US – Russia relations

The European implications of renewed US – Russia relations

Trump's phone conversation with Putin warrants closer Russia-US ties, however it could shake up Europe's stance on US support altogether.

/ February 1, 2017
Donald Trump

Trump’s ‘Great Game’: Playing Russia Against China?

Trump has decided to put America first. What will be his policy towards Russia and China?

/ January 22, 2017
Censorship in Russia

Russia’s five moments of censorship in 2016

Russia has seen some of the most memorable moments of censorship last year for the most intriguing reasons.

/ January 9, 2017

Will Karlov’s assassination bring Turkey and Russia together?

Russian ambassador Karlov was gunned down at a public event by Mevlut Mert Altintas. But will this affect Turkey's relations with Russia?

/ January 3, 2017
The Funeral of Andrei Karlov

Relations between Russia and Turkey after Karlov’s Assasination

Soon after the assassination of Andrei Karlov, both Turkey and Russia moved to smooth bilateral relations. Russia's war seems almost impossible to comprehend in its entirety.

/ December 27, 2016
USA and Russia's flag

What does Trump’s affinity to Russia mean for the US foreign policy?

Trump has embarked on re-alignment of American foreign policy which will change its relations with China and Russia.

/ December 25, 2016
Russia influenced the US elections

How Russia ended up ‘trumping’ the US elections

Find out how Russia might have gained leverage in International politics through its alleged attempts to delegitimize the US elections.

/ December 11, 2016
Premier Li Keqiang began a week-long trip in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Latvia seeking to promote China’s relations with the four countries, and boosting regional development and cooperation.

Where does the Eurasian silk road lead?

Premier Li’s Eurasian tour heralds the new future of Eurasia that will be based on regional economic integration.

/ November 12, 2016

Thus, the Russia-US Bromance begins

What has Putin achieved by cozying up to Trump?

/ November 10, 2016
Oil trade between China and Russia

The energy rapport between China and Russia

Will the Bear and the Dragon script a turnaround for themselves?

/ October 28, 2016

Why US and Russia Owe Their Friendship to China – Part II

Russia and USA. Two nations. Their friendship and the story behind it.

/ September 26, 2016

Why US and Russia Owe Their Friendship to China – Part I

Focusing on the ties between the powerful nations of the world, the author analyzes their past and discusses the present.

/ September 25, 2016

Revival of Rupee Domination

The article highlights the issue of revival of the bilateral rupee-denominated trade between India and Russia after 20 years.

/ September 16, 2016

With Great Power, Comes Great Politics

The author highlights the Great Power politics coming into play with the upcoming Security General elections of the UNO.

/ August 9, 2016
Food insecurity, wheat

The Greatest Story Ever Mistold

No longer the dominant player in food exports — especially wheat — America stands to lose its economic clout. However, the author explains why this is a good thing.

/ June 16, 2016

Non-Aligned to Multi-Aligned to Military-Aligned?

The author talks about the geopolitical stances adopted by India, right from the Non-Aligned Movement to the various military deals signed with the US and underlines the importance of India...

Ukraine Crisis: The Question it Raises

The writer highlights how nuclear deterrence could have averted the Ukraine Crisis, wondering whether Asian countries will learn from it and embrace nuclear weapons.

/ September 6, 2015

Heavy Dose of Investment to Robust Healthcare

With the ever increasing need to have better healthcare, it has become and should be inevitable for the government to increase investment to manifold quantities.

US-Cuban Hot and Cold Relationship

The author explains that despite soured US-Cuban ties, Cuba has done considerably well in terms of economic growth and health care facilities.

Denmark’s Arctic dreams

In the previous two decades, all Arctic countries- US, Canada, Denmark, Norway and Russia have made claims to regions in the circle beyond their territorial waters. In this case, will...

Rouble Trouble

The immense devaluation of the Rouble had led the economic condition of Russia to suffer. This article suggests ways for the country to get back on track.

Russia and Europe: A Love-Hate Affair

This article gives us a keen peep into the crucial relationship shared by Russia and Europe, the two super powers of the world.

BRICS Bank: The New Kid On The Block

The article focuses on if the BRICS Development Bank can overcome the challenge of internal cooperation, it can develop as an alternative to the existing institutions.

Russia and the story of a crying kid

The writer tells us how Russia's recent ban of food imports from the EU and USA might completely miss its intended targets, instead backfiring on Putin himself.

Tensions in Ukraine Escalate Amidst Growing Fears of a Russian Invasion

The article focuses on the rising tension in Ukraine with fear of an Russian invasion round the corner.

The Extraordinary Case of Alexander Litvinenko

The article discusses the case of Litvinenko which garnered much attention of the world regarding his links to KGB.

Swear-less in Russia

The article explores the different dimensions of the recent ban of Russia on profanity in the Russian arts and media.

Russia’s Stupid Show-Off

The author questions Russia's act in the Malaysian airlines case and claims it to be a stupid act of unnecessary show-off.

New Development Bank: An Initiative in the World of Emerging Economies

The author explains the rationale behind the formation of New Development Bank by the BRICS nations and its policies.

The Nature of the Beast: Putin’s Homage to the Soviets

The article describes Putin's governance in Russia as driven by power and prestige and dwells on the inevitable consequences of a lack of adequate response to the same by the...