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The convergence of humans and technology

Today the world sits at the convergence of different technologies. But does this give us the much needed transparency and security to our digital lives?

/ January 20, 2017

Is the society moving towards a better tomorrow?

Times are changing and people are making progress in terms of wellbeing.

/ January 10, 2017
Changing banking

The time is ripe for financial technology to take a large hit at India

Financial technology is continually growing and the expansion of smartphone markets will only help propel it's growth. The banking app arena just might witness revolutionary implications.

/ January 6, 2017
Growth in cities

The era of ‘zero growth’ is here

Six graphs depicting different economic indicators illustrate why no growth rather than low growth seems to have become the norm for developed nations.

/ January 6, 2017
A hand holding a note depicting philanthropy

Why are Tech Giants the biggest philanthropists?

Advancements in science and technology are often bolstered not by the Government, rather, by the philanthropy of tech giants.

/ January 6, 2017
Photo courtesy-Techworm | teaching can't be substituted by AI

Artificial intelligence may not be a substitute to teachers yet

Bots created with artificial intelligence can make teaching easier by carrying out the tedious tasks for teachers. But they are not evolved enough yet to replace the teacher altogether.

/ January 4, 2017

Shaping our future through technology

Will our cities adapt dynamic technologies to meet exploding demands as we continue to gallop forward as a race?

/ January 3, 2017

Internet connectivity has become the primary infrastructure in the 21st century

60% of the world does not have internet access. If we are to connect the entire world, The internet must be made a core part of infrastructural development.

/ December 29, 2016
Transforming cities through blockchain technology

Blockchain technology maybe the second generation of internet

How can blockchain technology enable direct collaboration within a distributed governance structure?

/ December 26, 2016
Like life itself, technologies evolve.

Our transition from human to embedded beings

We are now technologically embedded beings, surrounded and influenced by the tools of modernity, seemingly without pause.

/ December 25, 2016
Road deaths in India are at an all-time high

Can technology mitigate the rising incidences of road accidents?

Road deaths in India are at an all-time high. How can technology tackle the impediment and lead to hurdle-free roads?

/ December 25, 2016
Chinese government

Is the Chinese social credit system paving the way for a new dystopia?

The system of analyzing people’s social connections, initiated by the Chinese government may open new doors of discrimination against the citizens.

/ December 21, 2016
The ‘digitisation’ of India has captured headlines, valuations and more recently, nightmares of global investor communities.

E-Commerce in India: A tryst with destiny?

The evolution of Indian e-commerce is miraculous. But what is the way forward in today's time of instability and uncertainty?

/ December 15, 2016
Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence going to bring about an economic disruption?

With the advent of artificial intelligence, the phenomenon of 'capitology' might become the reason for the oust of humans from their own economy.

/ December 14, 2016

Can energy equality improve India’s human development index?

Energy equality is an important condition for achieving the goal of an equitable society. But, is energy equality sufficient alone?

/ December 11, 2016

Who was Tyndale? Probably the first one to defend the right to preserve knowledge

How important are openness and right usage of technology in order to bring about concrete change? Or does a revolution end with innovation and invention?

/ November 23, 2016
India galloping its way up the competitive index.

India Gallops its Way up the Competitive Index

Improvements in health, infrastructure, education have pushed up competitiveness index of India. However, significant progress can still be made on the financial market and technological readiness front.

/ October 9, 2016
Smart phone users turn to Androids and iPhones, with their more open operating systems and extensive app libraries.

Bye Bye Blackberry

Companies also go through an aging process, and how they deal with the limits that come with age determines their value to investors.

/ September 29, 2016
Land ownership

An Intellectual Game: Innovation & Land Ownership

Land ownership - a house of cards in need for an innovative foundation?

/ September 13, 2016
Are Hackers Bringing About A Digital Tsunami?

Are Hackers Bringing About a Digital Tsunami?

It is high time that organisations recognize the invisible force of hackers. The writer throws light on the growing need to acknowledge this workforce.

/ August 10, 2016
Digital workforce

Less Human and More Robotic

The article discusses how the digital revolution has evolved the job market into creating a new type of workforce which might be the future.

/ August 9, 2016
SIM card in the mobile phone is becoming the most vulnerable single point of failure in online security

Are You As Secure As You Think You Are?

Highlighting the vulnerable SIM card security system, the author opines that encryption of SIM cards can protect users against social engineering and hacks.

/ August 5, 2016
people have become disillusioned because SMS is not true two factor aunthentication

Do You Know “What You Have”?

Deconstructing the authentication process followed by telecom providers, the author identifies loopholes and suggests measures to make the process more secure.

/ July 29, 2016
Money growth concept - Coins in the soil with young plant

Payment Banks: A Force to Reckon With

The author opines that payment banks can gain a significant market share in the competitive landscape of banking sector through technological innovation.

/ July 27, 2016
The digital landscape comprises social networks,email, websites, mobile devices

The Digital Transformation Playbook – A Book Review

Throwing light on the dynamic market scenario, the author states that digital landscape has become the cornerstone of business decisions.

/ July 5, 2016
Artificial Intelligence

Is a Revolution Coming?

The article discusses technological advancement and its skewed benefits for the rich and the skilled.

/ July 4, 2016
The path of merger & acquisition leads to industrial transformation

Mr. Merger & Miss Acquisition: The Time is Imminent

The article focuses on mergers and acquisitions and how they're transforming the industry.

/ June 24, 2016

Moral Institutions and Regulation of Surrogacy

The article talks about surrogacy, the functioning of surrogacy markets, and the moral reservations people have about monetary exchanges in surrogacy.

Indian Education System

Another Brick in the Wall?

The author examines the Indian Education system and highlights how it can get better.

/ March 27, 2016

Change Management

The writer delves into the intricacies of a successful 'change management' structure, drawing references from Magma Fin Corp, an organization that has seen much success in this arena.

/ September 9, 2015