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This article explores the major driver of the missing women phenomenon.

Scarcity of suitable job opportunities outside of farming and close to place of residence is the main reason for decline in female labour force participation in India.

This article is about a Marathi feature film Sairat, a story of an innocent, young love story at first but turns out to be a slap in the face of a society that still witnesses caste based honour killings.

By Devki Pande “ I am not Bangladeshi,” affirms Shehnaz, as we prod her about her birthplace. She readjusts the pink dupatta over her head as she speaks - the wind had pulled it off, revealing oiled, jet black hair, coiled into a knot on the

Why is it always that women, especially mythological characters are portrayed black or white? Why is it that Draupadi is in the black section? Can't she be grey?

Through this article, the author seeks to liberate women from the shackles of misery and patriarchy. She exhorts every woman to maintain the status quo and not give in to forces of oppression by men.

The article is optimistic in the youth of today as social prejudices and crimes against women have declined and the youth has become progressive of matters which were tabooed earlier.

The article raises pertinent questions about how rape is perceived by different members of the society. It urges us to take a stance and stand up against this heinous act.

The article suggests that the variety and uniqueness of the universe makes it the special expanse that it is and we must embrace it instead of indulging in stereotypes.