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The biggest issue in Kashmir is no longer the ‘Kashmir issue’

The harrowing plight of women in Kashmir should not get lost amidst the bullets and pellets.

/ January 11, 2017
Ghanians celebrate

Women are hopeful about Ghana’s new President

Ghanaian women pin hopes on the new President to reduce sexual harassment at workplaces by creating better jobs for Ghana's increasing workforce.

/ December 24, 2016

These are the people who won’t vote for Donald Trump

The people we rely upon to save democracy are exactly the people whom the United States historically excluded: women and people of colour.

/ November 7, 2016

The Missing Women

This article explores the major driver of the missing women phenomenon.

/ October 2, 2016

Indian Women Are Opting out of Work. Why?

Scarcity of suitable job opportunities outside of farming and close to place of residence is the main reason for decline in female labour force participation in India.

/ September 25, 2016
social norms

Demigods Versus Devils: Transforming Social Norms

This article suggests that influential role models should come to the forefront to transform the social norms.

/ August 4, 2016
property rights

Improved Inheritance Rights for Women: A Noose for India?

This article presents an elaborate analysis of the crucial relationship between improved property rights for women and suicide rates in India.

/ July 28, 2016
maternity entitlements

Investing in the Cycle of Life

The authors discuss the impact of maternity entitlements on the productivity of future and current generations.

/ July 20, 2016

Sairat: The Socially Conscious Romantic Drama

This article is about a Marathi feature film Sairat, a story of an innocent, young love story at first but turns out to be a slap in the face of...

What Came First: The Temple or the Katte?

The author describes her visit to Sampangi Ram Nagar; at the heart of what is predominantly an ethnic Kannadiga community.

U.P. Police Mahila Samman Prakoshth: “WE” for Women Empowerment

The author explains the policies and agenda of U.P. Police Mahila Samman Prakoshth formed in 2014.

/ May 19, 2016
Domestic Violence

A Thousand Origami Cranes : An Untold Story

By Devki Pande “ I am not Bangladeshi,” affirms Shehnaz, as we prod her about her birthplace. She readjusts the pink dupatta over her head as she speaks – the...

/ January 28, 2016

Alternative Discourses, Constructions and Representations of Muslim Women’s Bodies

The author talks about the veil, a symbol for garments that marks Muslim women as outstanding by the public profession of their faith on their bodies.

Shades of Draupadi

Why is it always that women, especially mythological characters are portrayed black or white? Why is it that Draupadi is in the black section? Can't she be grey?

Opportunity Cost

Through this article, the author seeks to liberate women from the shackles of misery and patriarchy. She exhorts every woman to maintain the status quo and not give in to...

Women through History: Subjugation, Emancipation and Social Movements

This article deals with the concept of feminism and also talks about various feminist and social movements through history.

An Open Letter To Accidental Human Beings

The author highlights the patriarchal outlook of well-educated people in our society towards a sensitive issue like rape.

Breaking the Old Order

The article is optimistic in the youth of today as social prejudices and crimes against women have declined and the youth has become progressive of matters which were tabooed earlier.

Rape – About ideology, not sex.

The article raises pertinent questions about how rape is perceived by different members of the society. It urges us to take a stance and stand up against this heinous act.

The Stereotyping Debacle

The article suggests that the variety and uniqueness of the universe makes it the special expanse that it is and we must embrace it instead of indulging in stereotypes.

Of Ceilings made from Celluloid and Glass

The ceiling that has bound women for long might seem like gone, but it has been only been replaced by a more dangerous one. Read on to know more.

Hence Uttar Pradesh is safe!!

The article gives a statistical analysis of the crimes in Uttar Pradesh and argues that its situation is far better than the rest of India.

Women Safety

Enough Is Enough!

The article focuses on the deplorable state of woman safety in India in India and the need to change our attitude.

Catch ‘em young

The author talks about the present conservative mindset which can ruin the future generations.

Vandalisation of Womanhood: A Social Hypocrisy

The author talks about the repressive conditions faced by women currently as well as across history, and urges society to overcome its hypocrisy.

A Moral Guide to Keeping a Maid

The article plays the strings of morality and humanity as it draws attention to the mistreatment of maids in India and urges us to live by the quote: "do unto...

Why the hatred and violence towards women?

The article stresses on the need for gender sensitization in the light of increasing violence that women are being subject to.

Dowry in India: Practice or ill- practice?

The writer elaborates on how the social practice of 'Dowry' crept into the society and how it has gradually assumed the form of a societal evil.

Women through the lens- Gender notions in Bollywood

The article focusses on how woman has been depicted in shades of white and black in mainstream Bollywood though parallel and contremporary movies has tried to break the norm.

The Assets of Wisdom: Cartoon Characters

The author tries to divert our attention from our over exerted and goal oriented lives to the lessons that our childhood cartoon shows taught us.