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The article provides a detailed overview about the Eurozone crisis, highlighting the history of financial deficit and the debt levels of European countries.

The article talks about the criticism faced by reputed Sri Lankan writer Michael Ondaatje, due to his apathy towards the cultural issues within the country.

The author describes her sojourn in the hills with the Sharma family, who relocated their base in order to achieve an alternative self-sustaining lifestyle.

The author attempts to draw out a relationship between terrorism and economics and enlists the various effects of terrorism on infrastructure and people.

The author analyzes the content and outreach of Indian cinema and tries to decipher the causes for its current lacklustre performance in terms of quality.

This article talks about the post-recession period of Indian economy and pitches start-ups as credible and strong emerging markets.

As we enter the digitized era of humanity, the author observes the various repercussions of people getting increasingly dependent on technology.

This article chalks out the menace of illegal construction in case of the Campa Cola Compound and its dire effects on uninformed residents.

The author focuses on the intricacies of article 370 and how the center needs the consent of state governments for application of all laws.

The article provides a comprehensive account of the what, how , why and who of Iraq's present turmoil while laying down its repercussions

The article wades through the details of the case filed by Preity Zinta against Ness Wadia on grounds of molestation, raising questions about the law in this respect. The article paints a mortifying question mark on the safety of women in India.

The article comprehensively explains the existence of sharecropping through imperfections in the rural labour market.

The article highlights the power of social media in an increasingly globalized world citing illustrations of its usage and penetration into different spheres.

The article weaves a beautiful tale of the plight of women in a compelling fashion, proactively demanding empowerment for women in a patriarchal society.

The article reiterated the need for restructuring the Indian Education System, shifting focus from marks and mugging up to the more noble cause of knowledge and learnings.

The article expertly narrates the legend of the "Maracana Blow" which looms over Brazil as they stand once again to play in their home country, yearning for redemption.

The article recites the challenges that lie ahead of the new government as it hopes to bring about a much needed revolution in internal and foreign policies of India.

The article laments the death of Anna Politkovskaya, as with her died the spirit of brave journalism. The author opines that freedom of speech and expression are, after all, not so free in Russia.