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The author focuses on the complexity of the tax regime particularly transfer pricing and suggests aligning the transfer price regulations with best practices.

The article focuses on the government's aggressive hurry to privatize the public sector instead of borrowing to fund its expenditures.

The author focuses on how the Bollywood writers fear experimentation and end up copying movies from Hollywood and Tollywood.

The author talks about the book "The Sanjay Story" and focused on various aspects of Sanjay Gandhi's life and his political career in Congress.

The author states that SEBI has evolved with greater control over the market and allows the body to conduct trials regarding stock frauds.

The article focuses on the peculiar ideas and of Gandhi which are debated on how his ideologies could be adapted in country's development process.

The article talks about the Muhurat trading which has a special place in stock market and infrastructural development which plays an important role in nations' development.

The author talks about how the black money from India constitutes a major part in Swiss reserves, and if confiscated can boost Indian economy by many folds.

The article focuses on the various policies of financial inclusion by the government, one of them being Jan Dhan Yojana.