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The author shares her personal travel experience and lists things she loved about Cambodia.

The housing market has been a vital matter in the financial circles since the 2008 US crisis. The author highlights the possibility of an emerging bubble in the Indian Housing Sector.

The author reaffirms the potency of non-violence in contemporary times, and impresses upon the readers to take heed of the methodology to reach a decisive action.

Against the backdrop of a country that houses tremendous diversity, the author explores the convoluted correlation between progress and uniformity.

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Companies also go through an aging process, and how they deal with the limits that come with age determines their value to investors.

Saddened by the dispute over Cauvery water, the writer states that efforts to resolve the issue amicably will be beneficial for both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Has the Left in America caused racism to lose its sting? The writer speculates on the reason behind the change in the mindsets of the people.

What are the legislations available to Monsanto and the Indian Government for use as ammunitions in their battle against each other?

With a complete evaluation of the 2% or 4% inflation target, this article brings out the fiscal consequences of shifting inflation targets.

The article highlights the stance of the Seventh Pay Commission towards securing the health of the government employees in view of the rising healthcare costs and increasing lifestyle-related illnesses.

This article highlights the extent to which TV programmes, such as Satyamev Jayate hosted by Bollywood film personality, change deep-seated prejudices of the society.

Rubbishing claims that full contact combat sports make people more violent, the writer lists out the advantages of full contact combat sports.

The author tries to express his opinion on how Hindus are essentially the followers of Sanatan Dharma, with all the superficial politicizing.

While the author vouches for disclosure of details and transparency, he contends that RTI is an open ended tool and it cannot be forced upon political parties as they are not a body of the Government.

Is Germany's economics to be blamed for the crisis that has gripped the Eurozone? The writer makes an objective assessment of Berlin's complicity in the Eurozone crisis.

China regulates use of water. The author emphasises that Chinese firms need to measure usage of water in order to compete with firms that are actively pursuing water management practices.

Scarcity of suitable job opportunities outside of farming and close to place of residence is the main reason for decline in female labour force participation in India.

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