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One of the co-founders of Uber will leave the company in hands of the board's chief executives for the time being, following a series of damaging controversies for the company.

Comparing Modi and Trump is a Herculean task, with differences in their approach towards religion, globalisation, women and also their background.

India still lacks a systematic and long-term policy to deal with Pakistan. With the recent spate of violence in Kashmir, it still stands as a burning issue between the two nations. So, while formulating a policy, it will be crucial to avoid excessive idealism. It

Hunting has been a sport highly romanticized and practiced vehemently over the years. There are different hunting favorites in different countries which have been looked at by hunters for years as luring and targets of fancy.

Social marketing in India has become increasingly focused on gender roles, family hierarchy, and traditional marriage practices. Different forms of female empowerment through socially-focused marketing – has taken hold there in unexpected ways. Advertisements are finally doing away with gender stereotypes, yet there is a